The furniture industry is in a downturn, foreign furniture retailers are calling for a vibe

Benoit Simard, President and CEO of Mega Group, Canada's largest furniture retailer, sent an open letter to its members and suppliers calling on the industry to support the Canadian Home Furnishings Show (TGHFM) to rebuild the country's only national-level furniture trade event. .

In early March of this year, the Quebec Furniture Manufacturers Association announced that the TTGHF will not be in a recession in the past few years in the past few years, and Simard agreed to change the TTGHM development time to June, he said. In order to change the market environment, full buyers and exhibitors have the maximum requirements. “Canadian Housewares Show is a performance in our country,” he said. “One of the reasons why our retailers are attending this show is to look at the level of exhibitors. TCHFM offers a cost-effective way to market resources. “Exhibitors By participating in TCHFM to see the competition and thus come up with a better consumer perspective, this is undoubtedly a clear and important advantage for retailers. ”

Simard said. He also pointed out that if TCHFM is permanently closed, then Canadian home retailers will be forced to travel to the United States, which means that many people must spend more time and money. “Independent retailers can only explore market trends and innovations in the dark,” Simard said. “TCHFM is for smaller retailers and continues to punch in the traditional January time, but allows them to supply more with Business contacts were changed to June 4th to 7th. The venue address remains unchanged and remains the Toronto International Center. Benoit Simard expressed concern, he wrote: "I will put this announcement with you. In action. This is our social responsibility that cannot be shirked as a member of the home industry. We must not only support the Canadian home furnishing industry, but also strive to revitalize this as a national-level furniture fair. In my opinion, if TCHFM no longer exists, we will face a serious problem. “The same location can see all the categories in the ideal situation.” It is reported that the Toronto market offers Canadian retailers an opportunity to see new products and explore the latest trends. In addition, the market provides retailers with the opportunity to interact with other industry members and identify the value of the supplier while looking for new sales opportunities and profit prospects. At present, Canadian furniture manufacturers are gradually reducing the number of sales representatives, especially in rural areas, which limits the existence of retailers to a wide range of small suppliers, and the participation of large suppliers is absolutely necessary. TGHFM is the only national exhibition in our country. As a veteran of the home industry, Simard pointed out that the Canadian home industry is gradually losing its former glory, including Sajon du Meubles de Montreal, FurnitureWest in Cafga哕 and Quebec Furniture Fair, which are in recession. Simard admits that rebuilding TCHFM will not be A simple task that will take years of effort, but he promises his organization that he will see this as a major mission for future work.


The rescheduled 2015 Canadian Housewares Show meant that the 50th Anniversary of Mega, which was scheduled to be held in Saskatoon on the weekend before TCHFM, had to be rescheduled. This even means that the cooperation with the buying group at the end of the fiscal year has to change. “I firmly believe that it is very important to save the furniture fair in our country,” Simard said. “We will change the company’s retail system and the schedule of the General Assembly, and will continue the membership meeting on the day before the T() HFM show. The tradition of encouraging our partners to come to Toronto to participate."

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