High Gradient Magnetic Separator Applications and Features

High gradient magnetic separator applicable range

1, ferrous metals: illusion hematite, hematite, limonite, siderite, chromite, ilmenite, manganese ore recovery;
2. Non-ferrous metals: recovery of fine-grained inlaid wolframite in tungsten-bearing quartz veins, separation of pyrrhotite from cassiterite polymetallic sulphide ore, separation of cassiterite from wolframite, limonite and other minerals Separation, separation of scheelite from wolframite, garnet and other minerals;
3. Rare metals: Recovery of columbite, iron lithium mica, and monazite.
4. Non-metallic aspects: Raw materials for glass ceramic industry: purification of quartz, feldspar and kaolin, deoxidation of high-temperature refractory sillimanite, andalusite, orchidite, and harmful effects of amphiboles, mica, tourmaline, garnet, etc. Impurities, etc.
5. Other aspects: Weak magnetic tailings recovery; Alumina plant hematite mud selection; Iron and steel plants, power plant waste water treatment; Cleaning catalyst contaminated chemical raw materials.

High gradient magnetic separator performance characteristics

1. The magnetic system is made of high-quality ferrite or composite with rare-earth magnetic steel
2. The average magnetic induction intensity of the cylinder table is 2000~15000 Gauss.
3. According to the user's needs, it can provide magnetic separation with many different surface strengths, such as downstream, semi-countercurrent, and countercurrent.
4. Simple structure, large amount of processing, easy operation and easy maintenance. Permanent magnet products, use more than 10 years of demagnetization rate does not exceed 5%.

Rare Earth Calcium Suiphoaluminate

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