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The furniture used in the furniture series of the Leroy Zhangmu Mansion is made of eucalyptus wood. In addition to some unattainable wood, Chinese furniture also has a kind of wood that has been popular in the Ming and Qing dynasties.

Elm is a common tree species in the north, spreading from the Yellow River Basin to the North China Plain. Therefore, Elm is also a common type of wood in northern China. As a wood, the wood is hard, has a strong physical strength, is resistant to corrosion and moisture, and has good elasticity. In addition, due to the huge tree shape, the wood material is very wide. It is often used to build house beams in ancient times, or used for large-scale construction, and can also be used for processing large pieces of furniture. The elm and the coffin of southern China are also called "the north and the south."

Elm furniture is not expensive because of the common wood of beech wood. As a cost-effective furniture material, it is especially suitable for mass consumption. Elm furniture has all the high-quality physical and chemical properties of eucalyptus, which is mentioned in the morning. Corrosion-resistant and moisture-resistant, tough texture, elastic, and strong pressure resistance; the furniture of eucalyptus has the unique "chicken wing pattern" of eucalyptus, which is very beautiful and generous.

No wonder in the Ming and Qing dynasties, up to the princes and nobles, down to the flat people, all have a soft spot for the furniture. The modern beech furniture is basically made in the style of Ming and Qing Dynasties. The introverted quaint colors and traditional craftsmanship make the coffin furniture have both Chinese pastoral style and unadorned taste. There is quite a seclusion atmosphere under the plucking of the Chrysanthemum and the South Mountain.

The furniture used in the North American Walnut furniture of the Rhône is made of walnut. Walnut is a relatively high quality furniture material. North America and Europe are the main producing areas of walnut. The domestic walnut is lighter in color. The black walnut is light dark brown with purple and has a large parabolic chord cut surface. It is expensive, and it is rarely used in solid wood furniture. It is mainly used for weaving walnuts. It is often used for furniture.

1. Color: The sapwood of walnut is milky white, the heartwood is from light brown to dark chocolate, and occasionally there are purple and dark stripes.

2, wood grain: the tree pattern of walnut is generally straight, sometimes with wavy or curly tree pattern, forming a pleasing decorative pattern, the appearance of the walnut furniture produced is very beautiful, and very textured.

3, physical characteristics: walnut is a medium-density hard hardwood, resistant to bending and compression, medium toughness, poor toughness, good coke forming capacity, so walnut furniture is more durable.

4, the effect: walnut wood furniture heartwood anti-corrosion ability, even in the environment of easy to corrode is one of the most durable wood, sapwood is easy to be destroyed by whitefly.

5. Processing characteristics: Walnut is easy to process with manual and mechanical tools. Suitable for nailing, auger and gluing. It retains paint and dye for a long time and can be polished to a special final result. However, it is very dry and needs to be carefully avoided to reduce the loss after drying in the kiln.


1. The walnut wood is elegant in color, the wood grain is exquisite, chic, clear and charming, and the furniture made is elegant and generous;

2. The sweat rate of walnut is low, and the shrinkage and swelling of wood will not have a major impact on walnut furniture;

3. Walnut furniture is not easy to crack, deform, etc.

4. Strong heat pressure; strong durability; strong resistance to heartwood.

Material characteristics: The wood of walnut furniture is moderate in weight, moderate in hardness and hardness, and the wood fiber is well-balanced in medium and fine, and the strength can meet the stress condition of the furniture, and the variability is small. The furniture made of walnut has its superior material characteristics in terms of form, structure, material, line shape or carving technique. Walnut wood is very well-balanced. Its wooden tube holes also contain dark deposits of gum and grease. The quality of the furniture made, the grades are guaranteed and the effect of use and beauty is guaranteed.


Structural strength: The walnut wood quality is suitable for the structural strength of the furniture. At the corner joint of the furniture leg and the table top, the waist is straight and the two sides are well-angled, the structure is very strict, and the furniture structure with less mud and mud is less in the leg and foot. Or the leg and foot, with the structure of the straight leg under the horizontal pull and the squeegee, can meet the craftsman's strength. The furniture legs and the faceted, sub-faceted raglan structure, the various lines of the horizontal and vertical leg squats (4 points, 5 points, 7 points and rounded lines on the edge of the leg squat) can achieve a full and flexible effect.

Walnut wood has uniform and exquisite wood grain and good resistance to bending and corrosion, making it one of the furniture production materials. However, due to the scarcity of wood, the high-quality furniture made of walnut wood requires high consumption capacity.

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