What are the highlights of home paintings? How to choose paintings

Many people choose decorative paintings for decoration, which is convenient and quick. It is also easy to clean and replace. But what kind of hanging paintings do you choose to hang in your home? Do not underestimate the paintings. The selection and placement of paintings are also stressful! So, what is the stress on home paintings ? Take the decorative painting as an example. If the indoor light is dim, you can choose a sunflower and take the masculinity. The content of the paintings implies that it is advisable to be fair and square, and avoid unexpected things such as eagles and solitary stones. With Xiao Bian below to see what the home paintings stress it.

·What are the highlights of home paintings

1, the color is too dark or black too much of the picture can not be bought. Such paintings seem to have a heavy feeling, making people depressed, pessimistic, and lacking in aggressive work.

2. The picture of ferocious wild beasts should not be purchased, otherwise the health of the family members will be poor.

3, it is not appropriate to hang more than one figure abstract painting, because the family's emotions will be repeated, psychological imbalance, easy to nervous.

4. Do not hang paintings painted at sunset and sinking in the west. Therefore, the paintings have the effect of reducing the momentum.

5. It is not appropriate to hang a large portrait of a deceased loved one, because it will cause you to do things to increase the pressure.

6. It is not appropriate to hang pictures such as waterfalls, because the main family members of these paintings have had luck.

7. Don't put too many red portraits, because it will make the family vulnerable to injury or bad temper. On the contrary, hanging auspicious ornaments will increase festivity and bring wealth, and auspicious ornaments or pictures such as Fulu Shou Samsung, Nine Fish Diagrams, Peony Flowers and Peacock Open Screen are suitable for each family.

·How to choose paintings

Painting must match the style of space. Most people's Chinese style decoration, with a dark picture frame or wooden frame is very natural and warm. The rest resembles the American style, with a wide range of options. Metallic wind border paintings or black-and-white, retro wooden picture frame paintings are all good choices.

In addition to the space style, it is necessary for the purchase of paintings according to the wall size of the space. Before purchasing, you should actually measure the size of the wall. It is better to consider how large the paintings are. It's best to have designers give advice.

In general, if the wall of the living room is relatively large, the painting does not exceed 2/3 of the entire wall. The giant paintings like the Peony Map and Grand Exhibition, the single medium-sized painting or the three or four combinations Can also draw. In a relatively small space such as a restaurant, a bedroom, or a study room, a painting of 50cm long or two paintings about 30cm long can be properly hung.

The position of paintings, combined with furniture considerations, hanging in the eye-catching wall, such as the main wall of the front door, the coffee table, the sofa, the writing desk, and the wall above the bed, will look atmospheric and intuitive. In the corner of the room, the shadow on the wardrobe side is not suitable for hanging calligraphy. In addition, the entrance aisle should be targeted for selection, so that the skillful use of space, but also can enhance the beauty.

Under normal circumstances, the height of the paintings refers to the height of the person's line of sight in the room. It is advisable to look comfortably at a height of about 1.5-2 m from the ground.

·What kind of paintings in the home

1, landscape painting

The feng shui emphasizes on "the owner of Ding Shui, the owner of the mountain," and the landscape paintings hang in the living room to symbolize talented people. Landscape painting is more particular about hanging, and is generally suitable for being placed on the full house (door of the other side) or room chair, bed position on the left-hand side; mountain landscape painting is easy to hang in the living room chair as a "backing" , can increase your luck. The living room should not hang waterfalls and landscape paintings, which implies that the family’s luck is repeated and adverse to the fortune; the direction of the landscape painting should be toward the house. If there are ships on the water, the bow should also face the house, and on the contrary, it is easy for the family to make money. Landscape paintings depicting the sun should not be hung on the wall on the west side of the living room. There is an implication of sunset on the west hill. It is easy to cause the family to fall. This type of landscape painting is suitable for hanging in the east of the living room, taking sunrise East, meaning that the business, luck is booming.

2, flowers and birds peony map

In the living room, hanging flowers and birds painting peony map, Guohua Peony because of metaphor for wealth and good fortune, it is very suitable for hanging in the north and south of the living room, because the peony is a wood, the north is the "water" land, the wood is prosperous and prosperous; the south is In the "fire" place, taking wood to make fire is an image of prosperity. However, the painting of flowers and birds does not need to be hung in the western part of the living room. Since the West is “gold” and Jinkemu, this is the feng shui of the five elements. It is not auspicious, so the peony map should not generally be placed in the West.

3, calligraphy works

The most common use of calligraphy in feng shui is to block the "door threshold." For example, the door is facing the bedroom. In the study room, the door is facing the disadvantage of the door, because the rapid airflow formed by the opening and closing of the gate will be straight. Enter the house, in this case, you can hang on the door with ink.

With regard to home paintings, there are all kinds of stress related information for everyone to introduce here. Is there any paintings in your home? Did you choose the right content? Is it right? Get up to speed, place paintings correctly, and thrive on your own fortune. If you still have anything you don’t understand, you can follow our website and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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