Thermal power on-grid tariff will be lowered by 2 points, industrial and commercial enterprises will benefit

Abstract The “boots” that lowered the price of electricity finally landed. On April 8, Premier Li Keqiang presided over the State Council executive meeting and decided to take measures to reduce the burden on enterprises, promote economic growth, and support the development of the real economy. One of the important contents...
The "boots" that lowered the price of electricity finally landed.

On April 8, Premier Li Keqiang chaired the State Council executive meeting and decided to take measures to reduce the burden on enterprises, promote economic growth, and support the development of the real economy. One of the important contents is: lowering the on-grid price of coal-fired power generation and the price of industrial and commercial electricity.

The reporter of China Business News was informed that the current electricity price adjustment plan has been approved by the State Council. The specific plan is only to be officially announced by the government. The current price reduction is expected to decrease by about 2 cents per kWh and start in the second quarter. Implementation, price adjustment will be mainly in accordance with the rules of coal-electricity linkage.

The downward adjustment of the on-grid tariff of thermal power will put pressure on coal enterprises and power companies. On the other hand, industrial and commercial users will benefit a lot.

Coal-electricity linkage officially implemented

The State Council meeting revealed that the current price adjustment mainly involves three items. First, according to the coal-electricity price linkage mechanism, the national coal-fired power generation on-grid price is reduced by about 2 cents per kilowatt hour. Second, the implementation of commercial electricity and industrial electricity at the same price, the national industrial and commercial electricity prices on average per kWh of about 1.8 cents, to reduce the burden of corporate electricity. Continue to adopt differential electricity prices for high-energy-consuming industries, and clarify the catalogue and increase the enforcement of punitive electricity prices. The third is to use the price reduction space to appropriately guide the natural gas power generation price and the prominent structural contradictions of environmental protection electricity prices such as denitrification, dust removal and ultra-low emission, and promote energy conservation and emission reduction and air pollution prevention and control.

At present, the National Development and Reform Commission has not announced a formal price adjustment plan.

Earlier, a person close to the National Development and Reform Commission told this reporter that the National Development and Reform Commission had delegated the power of electricity price adjustment to various regions. Due to the specific situation of coal price changes in various regions, the price of thermal power poles in various provinces will not fall. The same, the decision will be in the local price bureau.

It is worth noting that the downward adjustment of the on-grid price is the first time that the coal-electricity linkage policy has been restarted for more than two years, and the real coal-electricity linkage has been implemented for the first time.

On December 25, 2012, the State Council issued the “Guiding Opinions on Deepening the Reform of Thermal Coal Marketization”, proposing that since 2013, when the price fluctuation of thermal coal exceeded 5%, the annual electricity price will be adjusted accordingly. Since then, in October 2013, the price of thermal power on-grid was lowered by 1.1~1.4 cents; on August 26, 2014, the on-grid price of thermal power was reduced by 0.93 cents.

However, although the background of price adjustments is the continuous decline in coal prices, the two price adjustments are carried out on the basis of constant sales price. In order to subsidize new energy sources, alleviate the contradiction between environmental protection electricity prices such as denitration and dust removal of coal-fired power generation enterprises. It is not coal-electricity linkage.

However, the sales price has not been lowered. Due to weak economic development, loose power supply, and falling coal prices, from the beginning of this year, coal-electricity linkages are expected to be strong, and the sound of on-grid tariff cuts continues to spread in the industry. Recently, coal companies represented by Shenhua Group rushed to lower prices, resulting in further deep decline in coal prices.

It is understood that on April 8, the Qinhuanghai thermal coal price index released by the Qinhuangdao seaborne coal trading market showed that the comprehensive average price of 5,500 kcal thermal coal in the Bohai Rim region closed at 459 yuan/ton. Since 2015, this price index has fallen by 66 yuan/ton, a drop of 12%.

It seems imperative to cut the price of electricity, and the price adjustment in the industry is also very strong. The newspaper also published an article on February 16 this year, "The price of electricity is adjusted. The price of electricity in the second quarter is expected to be lowered." It was pointed out that many power companies have revealed that the price cut will be formed in the second quarter. The price adjustment is expected to be 1 ~3 cents.

Industrial and commercial users will benefit

The price cut will squeeze the profit of the power plant.

Calculated by the 2014 National Thermal Power Generation Data (424.9 billion kWh) released by the Bureau of Statistics, the profit of the entire power industry will be reduced by about 63 billion yuan. Not only that, the industry is expected to be under pressure from upstream coal companies.

According to the analysis of the research and development department of Qinhuangdao Sea Transportation Coal Network, from the current trend of coal price operation, the number of port specifications for coal prices has increased, indicating that the decline in the price of thermal coal has once again increased.

An Xunsi coal industry analyst Deng Wei told reporters that the electricity price adjustment of a penny, affecting the corresponding fluctuations in coal prices 20 yuan / ton ~ 25 yuan / ton. After the reduction of the on-grid tariff, the power companies will definitely want to pressure coal prices, but more importantly, the coal market is still mainly affected by the economic situation and supply and demand conditions, and coal prices are expected to continue to decline.

In the view of Lin Boqiang, director of the Center for Energy Economics and Energy Policy Collaborative Innovation at Xiamen University and director of the China Energy Economic Research Center, Weibo, which seems to involve the interests of all parties, has failed to implement coal-electricity linkage for many years. The adjustment of the on-grid tariff will allow the implementation of the coal-electricity linkage policy to be implemented, and to some extent, it will also help to cope with the reform of the power system.

On the other hand, although the power decline is only close to 2 cents / kWh, the cost reduction is still significant for large industrial and commercial users.

"According to the average level of the industry, the price of electricity is reduced by one cent, and one ton of electrolytic aluminum can save the cost of 136.8 yuan." Zhu Meng, an analyst at Zhuo Chuang Information Aluminum, said in an interview with this reporter that the cost of electricity is about electrolysis. The cost of aluminum enterprises is 34.32%. According to the reduction of this price, the electricity per ton of electrolytic aluminum will save about 250 yuan, which will also bring practical benefits to the related electrolytic aluminum enterprises. In addition to the electrolytic aluminum industry, high-energy-consuming industries such as nonferrous metals, steel, cement, and chemicals will also have a significant impact, and the profitability of related companies will also be improved.

In Lin Boqiang’s view, the real economic situation is still not optimistic, and the downward pressure is very high. After this electricity price adjustment, the burden on industrial and commercial enterprises will be reduced, and the profit level of enterprises will be correspondingly improved. This is also the country’s promotion of the real economy. One of the steady growth of "combination boxing".

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