"Insulated Electrical Jacket for Construction" Threading Pipe Brand

Threading pipe has excellent mechanical properties. Excellent anti-corrosion performance, threading tube high pressure strength, working pressure more than 2.5Mpa. The surface of the threading tube is smooth, the fluid resistance is small, no scaling, and it is not suitable for breeding microorganisms. The coefficient of thermal expansion is small and does not shrink. Today Xiaobian brings you related knowledge such as threading pipe brand.

Threading tube advantages:

1. Compression resistance: Medium and heavy conduits can withstand pressures of 750N and 1250N, respectively, so they can be mounted or concealed in concrete without cracking. The heavy-duty pipe series is particularly suitable for concealing concrete and vibrating concrete. in.

2, impact heat: the catheter in the concrete pouring process, can withstand the normal tamping impact without breaking, and under the concrete condensation, will not soften the deformation.

3, flame retardant: With a higher oxygen index value, so the catheter is not easy to burn, and self-extinguishing from the fire, the flame will not spread along the pipeline.

4, anti-corrosion, pest control: PVC catheter is good acid and alkaline resistance, will not rust, and does not contain plasticizers, no odor to attract pests, so no pests.

5. Insulation: Under the condition of water immersion, 2000V, AC50HZ will not breakdown, and the insulation performance is excellent, so it can effectively prevent accidental leakage and electric shock accidents.

6. Convenient construction: It is convenient to cut off the conduit. Insert a special spring into the conduit below D32. At room temperature, you can freely bend to the desired angle. With PVC adhesive, you can easily connect the conduit to the required shape for construction.

Threading tube category introduction:

Plastic threading tube

Executive Standard: JG 3050-1998. In layman's terms, it is a white, rigid PVC hose that prevents corrosion, leaks, and wires. Now commonly used PE bellows as "electrician casing", quality and cheap, beautiful and convenient.

2. Stainless steel threaded pipe

Made of 304 stainless steel or 301 stainless steel, it is used as a wire and cable protection tube for wires, cables, and automation instrument signals. The specifications range from 3mm to 150mm. Ultra-small-diameter stainless steel threaded pipe (inner diameter 3mm-25mm) is mainly used for the sensing circuit protection of precision optical rulers and industrial sensor line protection. It has good flexibility, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, and tensile resistance.

3. Carbon steel threaded pipe

The wire and cable protection tube made of seamed steel pipe made of Q235 is usually R=6D. R is large and the camber is slow, and it is very easy to pass through when threading. When the carbon steel pipe is connected to the straight pipe, the pipe is used to protect the interface, and then the pipe and the pipe are connected by welding. The purpose of the pipe is to protect the interface from welding damage. The purpose of the wire and cable. Common specifications are DN20-DN150.

Threading pipe brand:

1. Kinder (China Famous Brand, China Well-known Trademark, National Inspection-free Product, Top Ten Water Pipe Brands)

2. Weixing (China Famous Brand, China Well-known Trademark, National Inspection-free Product, Top Ten Water Pipe Brands)

3. Zhongjie Pipe (China Well-known Trademarks, Brand Water Pipes, Endorsements of Six Little Age Children, Zhejiang Zhongjie Pipeline Co., Ltd.)

4. Jinniujiao (China Top Brand, National Inspection-free Products, Top Ten Water Pipe Brands, Wuhan)

5. Rifeng (China Top Brand, China Well-known Trademark, National Inspection-free Product, Top Ten Water Pipe Brands)

6. Liansu (China Top Brand, China Well-known Trademark, National Inspection-free Product, Top Ten Water Pipe Brands)

7. AD (Top Ten Water Pipe Brands, Well-Known Brands, AD Co., Ltd.)

8. Zhongcai (China Top Brand, China Well-known Trademark, National Inspection-free Product, Top Ten Water Pipe Brands)

9. Pilesa (top ten water pipe brands, well-known brands, Shanghai Pilesa Pipe Industry Co., Ltd.)

10. Meiergu (ten major water pipe brands, well-known brands, Shanghai Jinsu Industrial Co., Ltd.)

Threading pipe layout:

After slotting the wall and floor with a toothless saw, the threading tube shall be placed under the thread and the diameter shall be not less than 16mm flame retardant tube and “86” box, and then threading shall be carried out in the linepipe (when wiring, the phase line and the neutral line The color difference should be separated, the color of the same residential line (L) should be uniform, the neutral line (W) should be blue, and the protection line (PE) should use the yellow-green two-color line).

Secondly, when the power line pipe is buried underground, it should be considered to maintain a distance of more than 500 mm from the weak current line, and the parallel distance between the electric line pipe and the hot water pipe and gas pipe should not be less than 300 mm. The strong and weak electricity should not be used for the construction of the same pipe to interfere with the weak signal. .

Third, the line-to-line box connection uses a U-wrap six-circle semi-national standard technology to prevent the “wired” wire from being tightly connected. The wire joints in the junction box of the 5 junction box should be “hooked” to prevent the wire from being oxidized and cause a short circuit. Thread the tube and wind the waterproof tape and high voltage insulating tape. After the thread has been worn, use insulated tape and waterproof tape to double-insulate the power wire connectors.

For the power cord on the top must be threaded through, and the wooden keel of the ceiling should be fired, pest control and other two treatments, so as not to cause trouble to the owners in the future. First, use copper wire when selecting the wire, and avoid using aluminum wire. Due to the poor conductivity of the aluminum wire, the wire is prone to heat or even causes a fire during power-on. Then, the wiring must use insulated conduit.

If the electric wire is hidden directly in the wall, it is equal to the time when the home is hidden. At any time, electric leakage may occur and dangerous situations may occur. Of course, all kinds of different lines must not go in the same pipeline, such as TV antennas, telephone lines and so on.

Line joints should not be too much. If wiring is necessary, insulation and moisture protection should be done. If conditions permit, they can be “tin soldered”. At the end of the renovation, the owner must ask for a circuit diagram, which will help prevent the occurrence of hidden circuit systems. In the future, the upgrade will be useful.

Wire wall must be threaded pipe, the general optional metal threaded pipe and PVC threaded pipe two: metal threading pipe is more expensive, but the anti-jamming performance is stronger than PVC threading pipe, not afraid of fire, the future of the protection of the wire will be strong In the PVC threading pipe (such as the use of PVC threading pipe may be inadvertently punched into the wall after nailing). PVC threading pipe is affordable, turning is easier than metal pipe, and the insulation performance is good. Just to choose solid, the simple way to thread the tube is to step on it. It is good to not be stepped on.

Xiao Bian concludes: Through the introduction of the above content, I believe that my friends have a comprehensive understanding of the threading tube brand. Want to know more relevant knowledge, please continue to pay attention to Qi family information.  

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