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The ceramic tile products produced by the company are superior to the national and European standards in terms of dimensional deviation, water absorption, breaking strength, abrasion resistance and stain resistance. Let's take a look at the Shunhui tile knowledge and Shunhui tile prices.

Shunhui Tile Introduction:

Shunhui Ceramics is manufactured by Gaoming Shuncheng Ceramics Co., Ltd. of Foshan City, Guangdong Province. Foshan Gaoming Shuncheng Ceramics Co., Ltd. is a company that has passed ISO14001 environmental label management system certification and China National Compulsory Product Certification (3C certification) ISO9001: 2000 international quality management system certification. And won the "Guangdong famous brand", "Guangdong Province brand-name products", "China's ceramic industry brand-name products", "National Customer Satisfaction Products", "Guangdong Province, customer satisfaction products" title.

In terms of production and production, the company adopts world advanced production equipment—SACMI 4600-8800 large-tonnage presses, SINCROII drum printing machines and other advanced ceramic equipment. The introduction of computer-designed laser molding technology, computer forging and automatic polishing process, and strict monitoring of each link in the production of production, so that advanced equipment and new technology to play the best level.

The company owns a group of professional ceramic designers with rich experience and creativity. Based on the basic idea of ​​"leading the trend of the times and adapting to market demand" in style design, the classic styles of Italian and Spanish classics are eclectic and truly reflect the modern home art. The trend of high quality and distinctive brand features. Fully grasp the pulse of the development of international ceramics, highlight fashion, leading the trend and fully show the unique charm of home.

Brand Development

After years of unremitting efforts, Shunhui Ceramic Tiles has now developed into one of the most powerful domestic enterprises with the largest capacity and the most complete supporting capacity in the ceramic industry. It has passed ISO14001 environmental label management system certification and China's national mandatory Product certification (referred to as 3C certification), ISO9001: 2000 international quality management system certification, and won the "China Famous Brand" "2010 China Light Industry Association top ten ceramic enterprises", "2010 annual ecological building materials innovation product award", "Guangdong Province "Famous Brands", "Guangdong Famous Brand Products", "Chinese Ceramic Industry Famous Brand Products", "National Customer Satisfaction Products", "Guangdong Province Customer Satisfaction Products", "Guangdong Province Honest Demonstration Enterprise", and "Safety Production Standardized Management Type A Enterprise "And other honorable titles.

Over the years, Shunhui Ceramic Tiles has invested heavily in an international perspective, introduced advanced production equipment, and continuously strengthened its independent research and development capabilities. Now it has a fully automatic long roller kiln, SINCROII roller printing machine, and 3D inkjet printing machine. , Sacmi 6000-8800T large presses and ultra-clean bright polishing lines and other first-class production equipment, and with Italy, Spain and other ceramic countries for technical cooperation, built a large-scale technology research and development center and product testing center, built in Guangdong, Hunan area The three modern production bases with an area of ​​more than 4,000 mu have 32 sets of automatic production lines equipped with ultra high standards of “one line, two machines (press)”. The products include advanced glazed tiles and polished tiles of various specifications, and the annual output reaches hundreds of millions. Square meters.

Brand Culture

1, the spirit of enterprise:

The recognition of corporate values ​​enables Shunhui to have strong centripetal force and cohesiveness. Shunhui culture is an intangible asset that runs through all branches and operations and management in a harmonious manner. It mobilizes tangible assets with intangible assets and forms many practical new ones. Effectiveness.

2, advocacy learning:

In Shunhui, advocating learning and making progress and innovation is not only the code of conduct for each employee, but also the corporate philosophy that everyone shares in common. The company has established a variety of high-quality training systems and high-density regular training for this purpose. The ability to accumulate progress enables each employee to face competition in a more challenging manner.

3, common progress:

Only by sincerely joining hands can we keep moving forward. At Shunhui, we have always been committed to becoming the most cooperative organization with the most understanding. We have diversified and more transcendent thinking to encourage everyone to create a healthier and quality living space.

4. Talent Strategy:

According to the company's different stages of development, we should interpret the meaning of talents, create a people-oriented corporate culture, establish a scientific talent incentive mechanism, and construct a fair talent competition platform.

Shunhui tile prices

About 60 to 130 per square meter. Shunhui tile was rated as "King of cost-effectiveness", quality is both good and cost-effective. The company boasts a wide range of resplendent designs, such as the splendid glory of the sky, the rhyme of the Tianzhu, the fragrance of the national color, the Huacai movement, the Huibi stone, the Jinmu jade stone, the Macallan stone, the Pandora, the Bi Xuesheng, the flying dance, and the golden line jade. The product

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