Folding plastic turnover box safety standards receive social attention

Nowadays, the demand for totes in the food industry is increasing, and the country's safety standards for the food industry are becoming stricter, so the emergence of food containers has solved this problem. The food container refers to the turnover box that can be used in the food industry. It is not dangerous to the safety of food and will not pollute the food. Food companies now often ask when they can buy food when they are using the tote, fearing that there is such a problem. The use of turnover boxes in the food industry is generally white, and individual companies prefer to distinguish them with various colors in order to distinguish between qualified products and non-conforming products. This way of classifying products through different colors of the totes is also a relatively common and popular method.

Folding plastic turnover box safety standards receive social attention
Folded plastic crates are common in life, and folding crates are transport packages that are suitable for short-haul transport and can be reused over longer periods of time. Folding totes can be divided into several different types of totes according to their shape. The plastic folding turnover box can be divided into standard type, oblique insertion type and misalignment type according to the shape. The advantages of the three types of turnover boxes are also different. Here we will briefly introduce the advantages of each of these three types of turnover boxes:
The oblique insertion type turnover box can be equipped with a lid, and the shape of the box cover is concave. The main advantage is that if the empty box is used, the storage volume can be reduced, and the transportation cost can be saved. However, it is necessary to use the matching box cover when stacking the tilting box.
Standard totes can be seen in many transportations in life. These types of totes are usually considered during transportation to add or not, and will not affect the stacking of the totes.
The misplaced totes combine the advantages of the first two types of totes, can flexibly stack multiple totes without the cover, and also reduce the storage space when empty boxes, saving shipping costs.
The use of turnover boxes in the logistics industry is very frequent, and folding plastic containers are more conducive to space utilization.

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