Industry reshuffle, break through the ice ---- LCD splicing screen excess capacity?

Emperor Edi thinks that a product, with its development, will become better and better both in terms of product performance and price. With the widespread use of LCD splicing screens, the price drop of LCD splicing screens is expected. In order to obtain more profits, LCD splicing screen manufacturers are springing up, trying to stimulate market demand, to achieve the purpose of puerile, achieve profitable goals. As a result, the LCD splicing screen “disaster scene” led the Chaoyang industry to step into the old age ahead of schedule and struggle. Why does the LCD splicing industry have a phenomenon of “juvenile white hair” and how should it be dealt with as an enterprise?
LCD splicing screen excess capacity

Overall impact and local development constraints

The overall economic environment in China and even in the world is not optimistic, so many commodities stimulate market demand and consumer desire through price decline. LCD splicing products are naturally no exception. The pressure of falling prices is not something that ordinary companies can afford. This will eventually speed up the adjustment of the industry's layout. There will be serious polarization. The big ones will be big and the young will die. With the declining prices of LCD splicing screens and the increasing market share, it also means that the market is cruel, and fierce market competition may trigger the withdrawal of a large number of companies.

The threshold is too low

The country’s industry operating system cannot keep pace with the development of the industry, and it will certainly lead to chaos in the development of the industry. With the rise of China's Internet industry, businesses in the e-commerce industry are just like the waters of the Yellow River - inexhaustible and silt-bound. In the initial period of emerging industries or products, the development space is both huge and narrow. The emergence of LCD splicing screens is far better than before in terms of performance, longevity, and maintenance. This is a huge market profit for operators and a rare opportunity. Undoubtedly, it will attract a large number of investors in the LCD splicing screen industry, and the market access threshold has not yet been set up. Therefore, there are many manufacturers, distributors and a series of LCD splicing screen companies.

Lack of industry specification leads to deviation

Fighting has never stopped, but counterfeiting is still the wind. The country's crackdown is far from enough. The cost of illegal crimes is not enough to shock those fake and shoddy merchants, and huge commercial profits attract them. The national standard for the LCD splicing screen industry is not able to catch up with the speed of development. The lack of standards of conduct has led to deviations in the positioning of the industry as a whole, focusing only on benefits and not on quality and long-term development.

Insufficient momentum for innovation

The revolution has not yet been successful. We still need to work hard. After the LCD splicing screen innovation, follow-up updates can not keep up. In addition to China's advantage of occupying the demographic dividend, most of the companies are using cheap labor to obtain corporate dividends, which is technically inadequate. However, with the development of society, the overall quality of people will increase, the demographic dividend will disappear, and cheap labor will no longer exist.

Can not sit still, should play an active <br> <br> the face of such difficulties, LCD splicing screen industry can not sit still, should take the initiative to play. First, speed up the adjustment of industrial structure and the transformation of development methods. From scale expansion to focus on product details, the development of excellence. Accelerate technological innovation. Second, the government regulators should speed up the development of industry norms, improve access thresholds, rush to gold, and to preserve the truth. Finally, we will promote the merger and reorganization of the industrial chain and accelerate the elimination of "bad" corporate processes. Improve the counterfeiting efforts, so that shoddy merchants flee.

The excess capacity of LCD splicing screen is a double-edged sword. It will allow some small businesses with insufficient strength to withdraw. It will also make other businesses feel pressure and market competition will not give any company a chance to wheez. Only by facing difficulties, it will break the bottleneck step by step, and constantly innovating products will be the ultimate result. Winners. The company has been deeply cultivating the industry for many years and it knows the cruelty of market competition and deeply understands the importance of technological innovation. It is a company that integrates production, sales and service into one of the LCD splicing screens. A strong technical team, a certain scale of production, and perfect after-sales service. Knowing that technology is the core strength and constantly introducing technical talents, we pay more attention to product details at the same time as technological innovation; while production personnel remain basically the same, after-sales service personnel survive the fittest, continuously improve the quality of customer service staff, and provide better service to customers. . Regardless of how the market changes, Aidi Electronic always maintains product quality and innovative technologies provide quality services at the same time.

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