Enterprise security system solution

[ Pacific Security Network News ] Security system development speed is getting faster and faster, and it has received widespread attention in various industries. Enterprise-level security systems such as enterprises, parks, campuses, airports, transportation, commercial buildings, etc. have been applied vigorously to protect users. Played a positive role. Looking at the current status of enterprise-level security systems, there is an urgent need to address the following issues:
1. Security subsystems such as video surveillance systems, access control card systems, and alarm systems are independent of each other and cannot meet the overall security management needs. It is urgent to realize the "integration and integration" management of security systems, realize the mutual linkage of the entire security system, and make the entire security system an organic whole, so as to fully improve the technical defense level of enterprise-level security.
2, the system composition mode is mixed, analog, digital to high-definition and other monitoring modes are difficult to achieve system integration. Enterprise security users need to be guided by practical applications. Security systems need to have good compatibility, scalability and stability, reasonable selection of architecture, and comprehensive integration and application management of various modes.
3. The existing video surveillance image quality has low resolution, and the key parts need not only solve the problem of “seeing and seeing” in the video surveillance system, but also meet the requirements of the “seeing clear” of the surveillance image to obtain clear facial features of the person. Information such as vehicle license plates and event details to improve the quality of video surveillance in the enterprise.
4. At present, most enterprise-level user security platforms with branch offices cannot be networked and managed separately. The higher-level departments cannot effectively understand the security management situation and various emergency events of each branch in real time, and urgently need to realize the network management application of multi-level platforms. Improve the overall security management level.
5. It is necessary to have better security monitoring techniques for key sensitive parts, and it is necessary to timely discover and deal with various incidents such as theft, destruction, invasion and other suspicious behaviors. It is necessary to apply video intelligent analysis technology to transform the traditional passive monitoring mode into active monitoring, set various rules according to its own security needs, analyze and alarm various suspicious events and behaviors, and parallel the video image recording behavior process to improve the security application level. .
For general enterprises, the security monitoring system of enterprises mainly focuses on the integration of video surveillance, access control and anti-theft alarm systems. However, due to the limited budget of enterprises in terms of cost, it is still difficult to achieve full digital monitoring. A number of hybrid ways to build a monitoring system.

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