Experience in installing shower room 11 big precautions

The installation of the shower room is a technical activity, and there is a lot to be said. The shower room burst incident reported in the recent news has once again sounded the alarm for the installation of the shower room. Although the experts explained that this is only a small probability event, we must take it seriously in the installation process of the shower room. Then, where do you need to pay special attention to installing the shower room? Today, Xiaobian will list it for you. Have you recruited it?

First, install the shower room 11 major matters needing attention:

1. The pre-buried hole size of the shower room should be designed before the bathroom is not renovated. The wiring leakage protection switch device should be considered before installation in the shower room to avoid rework;

2. After the packaging of the shower room is opened, please place the glass vertically against the wall. If it is placed horizontally or unevenly, it may cause damage to the glass, resulting in property damage or personal injury.

3. When transporting, the horizontal movement of the shower room is easy to break the glass, and it must be vertical and transported by two or more people at the same time;

4. Burning flames such as cigarettes will damage the spray or glass. Please keep away from the fire source and avoid contact with strong organic solvents such as benzene, paint and paint cleaner. If accidental contact may cause surface softening and dissolution, the quality of the product will be endangered. Phenomenon occurs;

5. Acrylic products begin to soften when heated to 100 ° C, so avoid storing or using them in high temperature environment of 80 ° C or above;

6. It is strictly forbidden to wipe with decontamination powder. The decontamination powder will corrode the surface and reduce the smoothness of the surface;

7. Use clean water or neutral detergent to clean the surface of the product. For stains that cannot be removed, use a cleaning cloth soaked with a small amount of alcohol to remove the stains;

8. Anti-seepage treatment of the wall: The wall of the rough house of the real estate company is not treated by waterproofing. Before the tile is placed, a layer of anti-seepage cement should be scraped before the tile is applied. After the tile is finished, it should be decorated. The workers process the wall joints of the tile joints, so that the water in the bathroom can be prevented from penetrating into the outer wall through the brick joints, so as not to suffer from the troubles.

9. Disposal of Drainage and Floor Drain: Because the bathroom should be deodorant and preventive of infectious diseases, the state must have a concave pond gooseneck design when building, and the first floor drainage should be placed on the bathroom floor, but once the water passes through the ground or water supply The pipe seeps through, the entire toilet pocket will be filled with dirty water, and the water will not penetrate or cross the wall into the corner of the room or into the lower layer. Therefore, at the bottom end of the concave pool, a secondary drainage pipe should be set up, and the floor cement should be scraped with anti-seepage cement on the ground. If the home is installed with the primary and secondary drainage system, many troubles will be avoided in the future.

10. When using sealed silicone, do not apply silicone to the surface of acrylic sanitary ware. If you accidentally apply a little, don't rush to wipe, it is more difficult to remove, should be gently removed after curing, it is strictly prohibited to scratch with a hard object, otherwise it will cause surface damage. After the bottom basin is installed, it should be used after the silica gel is completely cured (silica gel curing time is 24 hours);

11. The appearance of the shower room should be neat and bright after installation. The sliding door and the sliding door are parallel or perpendicular to each other. The left and right symmetry and sliding door should be opened and closed smoothly, without gaps and water seepage. The shower room and the bottom basin are sealed with silicone rubber;

Second, the acceptance criteria for the installation of the shower room:

Check size: Check for errors between the measured size and the actual product size.

Check level: The error should be controlled within 2mm/1000mm.

Check vertical: The horizontal error of the upper vertex and lower vertex on both sides of the shower room should be controlled within 10mm.

Check silica gel: silica gel should be thin, uniform and beautiful.

Check the suction: the gap of the magnetic door suction strip should be symmetrical, the opening and closing should be flexible, and the opening and closing force should be between 15-40 Newtons.

Check the hinge: the hinge should be smooth and free of noise when opening and closing.

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