Boiler feed pump in the use of inspection and inspection

Boiler feed pump can be divided into DG-type high pressure boiler feed pump, DC-type high pressure boiler feed pump, boiler feed water multi-stage pump. Boiler feed pump hold many of these types, then in use how to patrol it and check it? Boiler feed pump in the inspection and inspection 1, check the pump vibration, the vertical must ≤ μm, horizontal ≤ μm. 2, packing seal leaking 20-30 drops / minute is appropriate to maintain the normal lubrication and cooling sleeve and packing. Check especially pay attention to the water leakage can not exceed 20-30 drops / minute, because the wind direction of the motor is blown from the water inlet to the water end, although the shaft has a retaining ring, but also can not avoid water along the axial Bearing chamber, affecting bearing life. 3, bearing temperature not higher than 70 ℃. 4, abnormal sound check. Abnormal sound mainly from the impeller and the friction ring mouth, when the balance of the air disk and the balance ring friction, bearing damage to the deregulation of the coupling deformation, elastic ring damage, hear a continuous sound to stop pumping immediately check. 5, the pressure and current checks. Pressure and current swing, means that the flow changes, or mechanical and electrical failure (pressure 5.3-5.5MPa, current 170-180A, when the current is greater than 190A, mechanical, electrical failure may occur) 6, the coupling clearance inspection. Coupling to maintain 5-7mm gap, when the gap is small or not, the axial force will make the motor bearing temperature rise, burn the motor bearings, this time should stop the pump check the balance disc. Further reading: China Construction Water Expo Guangzhou Industrial Expo leader ring Pump manufacturers ranking Industrial Internet (Xiamen) Technology Co., Ltd. Asia Pump Network Editor: He Daohui (QQ / WeChat:) (Services Hotline:)

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