ZCQ self-priming magnetic pump precautions

ZCQ self-priming magnetic pump with a compact, beautiful appearance, small size, low noise, reliable operation, easy to use and maintenance features in the use of this type of pump should pay attention to those issues in the process. ZCQ self-priming magnetic pump precautions 1. Self-priming pump bearing cooling and lubrication is transported by the medium, it is absolutely prohibited air operation, while avoiding the power outage after the restart caused by space-time planted. 2, was transported medium, if it contains solid particles, the pump inlet to add filter: If containing ferromagnetic particles, the need to add magnetic filter. 3, the pump should be used in the ambient temperature should be less than 40 ℃, motor temperature rise must not exceed 75 ℃. 4, the medium being transported and its temperature should be within the allowable range of the pump (see attached table) 4, the temperature of the metal pump <100 ℃; the proportion of the medium being conveyed ≦ 1.3; Will affect the technical performance .5, for the transfer fluid is easy to precipitate crystallization of the shield, after use should be promptly cleaned, drain the pump effusion .6, self-priming pump operation 500 hours, Of the wear and tear, if the bearing and sleeve clearance greater than 0.5 ~ 1mm, impeller axial movement of 1.5 ~ 2mm, should replace the bearing and axial moving ring.Extended reading: China Construction Water Exhibition Industry leaders in Guangzhou Central Boiler Pump manufacturers Ranking Industrial Internet (Xiamen) Technology Co., Ltd. Asia Pump Network Editor: He Daohui (QQ / WeChat:) http://beng.liuti.cn/ (Service Hotline:)

Aluminum Alloy 2000 Series Bar

Aluminum Alloy 2000 series Bar or Rob  is commonly used for aircraft structural components, truck wheels, medical instruments, and screw machine products.Aluminum 2024 Bar is one of the most widely used aerospace Aluminum Bar with cold finished or extruded aluminum wrought product providing high to moderate strength, very good machinability and weld ability.

1.Dimension: Customized dimension, OEM & ODM

2.Material: A2024 and other series alu alloy        

3.Suface treatment: Anodizing, polishing, turning ,power coating, mill finish etc

4.Equipment: CNC ,extruding machine, cold drawn machine, heating oven, straightening machine, cutting machine  

5.Mechanical Properties

Mechanical Properties of 2024













T4, T351



6. STANDARD PACKING:Wooden case/carton
7. Trade Terms

1) Payment: 30% T/T in advance, 70% balance pay before delivery.  L/C at sight.

2) Delivery time: 20 days after deposit receiverd. If opening mould, plus 7-10 days.

3) Trade Term can be chosen depending on your requirements.

4) FOB Port: Shanghai

2000 Series Aluminium Bar

2000 Series Aluminium Bar,Aluminum Rod,Aluminium Tube,Aluminum Square Tubing

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