What to do before installation of water treatment equipment

Water treatment equipment is a system. If you are going to install a domestic water treatment system, then after choosing a good service provider and product, don't think that you're done. You need to do a lot of preparation before installing.

1. Be careful when signing a contract

Many owners often do not know what to look for when signing a contract. Generally speaking, there are the following points:

1. To confirm the product's name, model, quantity and unit price;

2. Check if your area belongs to the merchant's free shipping range;

3. Confirm the merchant is free to install;

4. Agreed delivery and installation time.

In addition, deposits are generally required when signing the agreement.

2. Arrange space before installation

Domestic water treatment, especially family central water treatment, generally requires an independent operation space. Its location may be in the operation of the balcony, garage, or special equipment room. The central water purifier and water softener should pay attention to leaving sewage outlets on the nearby ground. And have power. In addition to the requirements for space and power, there is usually water (ground drain); the sewage provides the wastewater discharge during the self-cleaning maintenance of the water treatment equipment.

3. The water pipeline is designed well

The central water treatment equipment is generally installed at the main water supply pipe, before the first water point, so it is generally required to change the original design of the water pipe inside the tap water, first lead the main pipe to the water treatment room, and then according to different water requirements. The water pipe is laid to the corresponding location. According to the distinction between domestic water and drinking water, we generally classify bathroom water (water heaters, shower water, etc.), laundry water, and floor heating water as the first-line pipes, and the water source is softened by a central softener. Kitchen water (also known as inlet water) is used as an independent pipeline, leading from the main pipe to the kitchen room; in addition, the pre-filter and the central water purifier are installed on the home-to-home pipe; the indoor waterway is generally well-repaired. Difficult to change, so it is recommended to do a good job in the initial decoration.

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