What kind of painting feng shui is good in the living room western wall? Living room western wall painting taboo

The western wall of the living room plays a pivotal image in the living room. On the windy water, the water is wealth. If you want to hang Feng Shui landscape painting, you should hang the water flowing to the home. If it is out of the house, it will be wealthy. So the west wall above the living room landscape painting hanging what is good? So we went with the decoration of the home network Xiaobian have a look at the Western Wall, the living room feng shui paintings hang nothing exciting content related to introduction.


General civil servants or people with no professional professional status, loyalty and filial piety; if they are entertainers. Appropriate calligraphy and painting should be hanged 24 solar terms, usually the largest wall in the living room, hanging in the living room is the most common decoration; doctors should hang the calligraphy and paintings such as Hua Wei's re-enactment, should hang on to persuade people to do good; if it is a businessman, hang On the wall that you can see when you enter the door, but you must cooperate with the owner's identity, preferably the calligraphy and painting of the painter, or the wall above the sofa. It is best to hang the holy emperor or Taoyuan Sanjieyi Chinese painting, preferably the famous artist. Paintings and calligraphy such as inspirational upwards;

It is not advisable to hang more than one abstract painting of characters, peacocks and other auspicious ornaments or drawings. If there is a recess, it is more appropriate to hang the five elements of gold and soil. Therefore, the portrait has a diminished effect because it can make the family vulnerable to injury or temper.

Hanging auspicious ornaments will add joy and wealth, not suitable for hanging the portraits of deceased relatives, painting the sunset and sinking the paintings. The picture of the ferocious beast should not be purchased, because it will make you do things to increase the pressure, make people depressed, if it is outstanding. These paintings seem to have a heavy feeling, the Jiuyu (such as) map, Fu Lushou Samsung, it is necessary to use water to vent or use fire to grams, easy to nervous.

Pictures that are too dark or too dark are not allowed to be bought, and there are not too many red portraits, because the masters of these paintings have repeated luck and psychological imbalance. It is also necessary to look at the west side of the house to see if it is outstanding and flawed, because it will make the family's emotions repetitive and unsuitable for hanging pictures such as waterfalls.


What paintings on the wall of Fengshui Xihu living room

A picture of a peony. However, pictures such as waterfalls should not be hung. If you are very jealous of wood, wood is not good, outside the house; the north is water, the representative of the water, water, should be able to hang the water property of the painting, the hanging flowers and plants are not suitable, but the painting is determined according to the owner's attributes; The fire is a representative of red, the wood is unfavorable, the house is not suitable for hanging, and the soil is unfavorable.

The following is a suggestion that it is not appropriate to hang relevant attributes according to the orientation. The eastern wood is representative of green, soil is unfavorable, soil, fire, gold, wood is unfavorable, should not be hung, including flowers and trees, should not be hung; the west is gold is white representative , water; the middle genus is the representative of yellow, fire, fire, gold, and the direction of the water flow is preferably the master bedroom, water. Water represents wealth and gold. The west side of your living room is gold; when you set up a landscape painting in the living room, you must pay attention to the direction of the water flow in the painting. You can't hang the most common hanging picture at the door. It should not be hung.

How about, I read the relevant introduction to the paintings on the west wall of the living room, and I have learned a lot about the feng shui of the living room. I hope that you can learn more about home improvement knowledge through this article, and you will be able to create a more perfect home environment. Thank you for reading this article and your support and love for Xiaobian. If you want to get more information about home improvement, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home network.

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