What are the features and features of the droplet smart lock?

The door lock, the most common thing in daily life, is used to lock the door to prevent others from opening the door. For unlocking, most people are most familiar with the most common is the key unlock. Therefore, I believe that many of my friends have forgotten the key and have been locked out of their homes. There is also a change of sportswear to go out, but found that the keys are not tangled. From time to time, I received calls from time to time, and I had to go home to open doors for people.

Droplet smart lock function

1. Close the door and go away automatically. Never be afraid to forget the key.

2. The all-metal panel is coated with three layers of diamonds and electroplated to make it less susceptible to erosion.

3, heavyweight 304 stainless steel, the entire lock up to 5KG, far more than the same level of fingerprint weight, which is the strength of protection.

4, the wonderful touch of the slide, free slide, more than one beauty;

5. Military-grade solid separated handles are tested for 100,000 non-destructive opening and closing tests and are durable.

Droplet smart lock features

1. Xiaoyi has networking capabilities and belongs to the Internet of Things. Achieving a qualitative leap in the concept of “cloud” (opening record “cloud” storage data is not lost, at any time query, open the door and alarm information “cloud” push), in essence, is the change from electronic lock to smart lock. As an ordinary office worker who is old, has small children, and is always running to the malls, he can know the real-time situation of family members entering and leaving the house through the mobile phone app. No matter where he is, he can love his family.

2. The transfer of the screen was realized. The first process in the industry to produce a lock-body large LCD screen visual operation, and then became a non-screen (using a mobile phone screen to replace the LCD screen) to achieve a two-way interactive man-machine interaction, Subversion of the previous one-way information push model, mobile phone + APP + lock constitute a close bond. After Xiaobian verification, the user interface is friendly. It can be described as a mobile phone and forcing me!

3, door opener style sense of fun (shake), and can customize the way to open the door and voice, and can be equipped with Bluetooth bracelet. How many people have experienced it, standing at the door of their own home from the pocket or bag to find out the key to the scene, if the situation is more urgent, then the situation is even more critical (small series I have encountered such embarrassing ... ...) and use small Jinyun smart lock will not appear in these embarrassing scenes, but also from the simple opening and closing experience in modern technology to bring fun.

4, self-locking body, simple installation, no damage to the door. Otaru's self-locking body can also be considered to save a group of patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder ... and then leave the door. My mother never has to worry about not closing the door!

5, worry-free after-sales, a strong "intellectual worry-free" APP, services more than 3,000 landing sites nationwide, 2 hours after-sale home. Give consumers the most protection of their rights and interests.

The above is the feature of the small smart lock introduced for everyone. The small smart lock has increased the protection for our home security. It is much more convenient to use than a traditional door lock, which is in line with our 21st century's living rhythm. Thank you for reading!

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