Water Mattress Matters for Water Mattress Matters

Water Beds We rarely use water mattresses in the average family. This kind of water mattress device is a kind of device that has a certain massage effect. The use of buoyancy principle, there are buoyancy sleep, dynamic sleep, Dongnuanxialiang, hyperthermia effect, then the following will talk about the water mattress is not good and water mattress precautions.

Water mattress can not be used

1, the design of the water bed Many people like it, not only comfortable to sleep, but also the effect of physical and mental health, its design structure is filled with water in bags filled with water, power is transmitted after the water as a medium for heat, you can keep yourself The desired temperature.

2, its safety is very high, and the human body contact will not have any harm to the skin, the production of materials is non-toxic and tasteless professional medical grade PVC fabric, especially suitable for children, pregnant women, the elderly, perennial patients in bed, etc. , plan to buy one for our baby.

3, its effect is not only can only give the body massage, it can also make very sleepy people very comfortable to fall asleep, the environment is also very environmentally friendly. If it is winter, the water temperature of the water bed can be adjusted. As the heat rises, the moisture generated by the human body is driven out of the bed, making it sleepy and warm.

Water Mattress Matters

1. If you are placing a water mattress at home, then you should pay attention to some problems. When you go to bed at home, you must remember to drain the gas inside the capsule. When the capsule is full, but there is still a lot of gas, you can Fold the hose and fill it with water. Press the bladder as much as possible to press the gas out, and then continue to fill.

2. When the flushing is more than normal, colleagues in the exhaust should squeeze the soft crystal in the capsule as far as possible toward the flush side to prevent the soft crystal from getting together. When the problem reaches a certain hardness, the faucet should be closed immediately, the water pipe head should be folded and pulled out, placed in a standby bucket, and the plug of the water injection port and the vent hole should be covered and pressed.

Summary: The above content to know all about water precautions mattresses and water mattresses are really easy to use, I hope you understand these can make you feel comfortable buying water mattress, sleep at ease at home.

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