Wallpaper paint with common sense

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Wallpaper coating with room space

Home color matching is actually the color matching of the home, color matching is the first element in home decoration. When considering the decorator, there is an overall color scheme to determine the color of the decoration and the choice of furniture and home accessories. If you can use the colors harmoniously, you can dress up your own home as you like. These are inseparable from the basic color scheme.

The basic color scheme is skillful, let's say orange! In the impression, orange is a very overbearing, hard-to-please color. If it is not done well, it will show cheesy. So if the orange and blue are matched, you can match the visual experience of surreal and retro flavor. These two color systems originally belonged to a strong contrasting color system, as long as there is some change in the chromaticity of both sides, so that these two colors can give space a new life. So the color match must be moderate. In addition, the home color matching should also follow the following points:

The first one: the space color can not exceed three, of which white, black, not color.

Article 2: Gold, silver, can be matched with any color. Gold does not include yellow, silver does not include gray.

Article 3: Household color matching The best color matching gray without the designer's guidance is: shallow wall, ground, and deep furniture.

Article 4: Do not use enamel tones in the kitchen, except for the yellow color.

Article 5: Do not dark green tiles.

Article 6: Do not put together materials of different materials but the same color. Otherwise, you will have half the chance to make a mistake.

Article 7: If you want to create a bright and modern home taste, then you should not use those things that have large flowers and flowers (except plants), and try to use plain design.

Article 8: The color of the ceiling must be lighter than the same color on the wall. When the color of the wall is dark, the ceiling must be light. The color of the ceiling can only be white or the same color of the wall.

Article 9: If the space is not closed, the same color scheme must be used. Different enclosures can be used with different options. However, gold and silver generally cannot exist at the same time, and only one type of gold or silver can be used in the same space.

Color matching of each partition of the home:

1. Foyer: The design is popular with a clear and open feeling, and the color is mainly based on the middle series. The color adjustment should be generally popular, and should not be excessively strong.

2. Living room: The living room is the public part of the living room. It has many functions such as meeting and entertainment. The color is usually chosen in neutral colors, avoiding strong personality. Such as the use of brown, beige and so on. The living room design can be designed to be office-style or family-friendly according to your personality, work and performance requirements. And pay attention to the coordination of the living room space and color, the small living room uses more elegant colors.

3. Bedroom: Designed to meet the habits and preferences of the occupants, providing the occupants with a completely comfortable space. Both ochre and cool colors can be a space of intense color, which is a space without rules. The decorative material should be of a color that produces a warm, soft atmosphere.

4. Restaurant: According to research, high brightness and more lively warm colors can increase appetite and therefore the best choice for restaurant color. In addition, you should consider the preference for food.

5. Bathroom: The size of the bathroom is generally small, but its color is also very particular. The decorative bathroom is mainly concerned with the coolness of the color. If the warm color is used, it will have a warm feeling when showering; the cool color will feel refreshed. If the color of the bathroom towel is bright and bright, it will add a lot of color.

6. Kitchen: Need to keep clean, used white in the past, now you can choose pink, light yellow, light green, cyan or white according to your personal preference.

7. Children's room: It is advisable to use lively and bright colors, and it is better to use the appropriate contrast color, but it is not appropriate to apply the same color all the time to avoid the feeling of monotony.

8. Study: Designed with a focus on crisp, simple techniques. It is not advisable to use a warm color series, which can be used in green to keep the eyes from getting too tired. Cloakrooms, doorways, and corridors should be generally popular, but not too much.