The use of flammable gas alarms should pay attention to electromagnetic interference

The installation of flammable gas alarms should be kept away from air conditioning and heating equipment to avoid faults caused by improper location. Users should also pay attention to electromagnetic interference during the use of flammable gas detectors. The installation position, installation angle, protective measures and system wiring of combustible gas alarms should be protected against electromagnetic interference. There are three main ways that the electromagnetic environment affects combustible gas alarms:

(1) Air electromagnetic interference;

(2) Narrow pulse trains on power supplies and other input and output lines;

(3) The human body is electrostatic.

In addition, users should also pay attention to the setting of flammable gas detectors in explosion-proof places. For example, a Class A factory building emitting combustible gas should use explosion-proof flammable gas alarms. The explosion-proof rating should not be lower than the corresponding explosion-proof rating required by current regulations.

Users should also pay attention to the use of flammable gas detectors to avoid high temperatures, high humidity, steam, and soot. Do not place objects or items on the detector. The installed combustible gas detector cannot move freely. Users should use flammable gas alarms to try their best to use replaceable sensor probes for ease of use. The flammable gas detector should be reliably grounded during construction. Welding must be done with a non-corrosive flux, otherwise joints will erode off or increase line resistance to affect normal detection. The detector cannot be dropped or dropped on the ground. After the completion of construction, commissioning should be carried out to ensure that the combustible gas alarm is in normal operation.

Regular cleaning and maintenance of flammable gas detectors is an important task to prevent malfunctions.

Grounding should be regularly tested. Grounding is not up to standard or not grounded at all. It can also cause flammable gas detectors to malfunction due to electromagnetic interference. Prevent component failures from aging. From the reliability considerations, at the same time, practice has also proved that the flammable gas detector service period of more than 10 years in the system caused by component aging tends to increase, so the service period exceeds the use of the requirements, should be promptly replaced.

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