The era of smart locks is coming: finger vein recognition is the trend of the times

With the rapid development of the society, with the development of society, the popularity of smart locks is getting higher and higher. Relevant data proves that as an entry-level product of smart home, smart lock is more intelligent and simple in terms of user security, identification and management. It replaces traditional mechanical lock is an inevitable trend of scientific and technological progress.

Different from traditional door locks, intelligent door locks are composite locks with safety, convenience and advanced technology. As an execution component of the lock door in the access control system, the manner of opening the smart door lock mainly includes finger fingerprint, face recognition, voice control, password opening, and finger vein recognition.

Among them, fingerprint lock is currently the most widely used, but as a basic biometric method, fingerprint recognition reveals many drawbacks. In terms of security, fingerprint information is easily recorded in locks, and biometrics are easily stolen. Each person's biometrics are unique. Once stolen, there is a great security risk. Previously, even the vulnerability of using the orange peel to successfully unlock the fingerprint lock was exposed. In terms of stability, once the finger is damaged, fingerprint recognition will be difficult, such as dry, wet fingers are difficult to identify, etc., with certain instability.

With the advancement of society, fingerprint locks are increasingly unable to meet the safety needs of customers. In this case, finger vein locks come into being. Unlike fingerprint recognition, it uses vein recognition.

Finger vein recognition is a biometric recognition technique that uses a vein distribution image within a finger for identification. The technique is based on the fact that blood flowing in a human finger absorbs light of a specific wavelength, and a specific wavelength of light is used to illuminate a finger to obtain a clear image of the finger vein. Using this inherent scientific feature, the impact of acquisition will be analyzed and processed to obtain the biometric characteristics of the finger vein, and the obtained finger vein characteristic information will be compared with the previously registered finger vein characteristics to confirm the registrant. identity of.

At present, finger vein recognition is the most advanced biometric identification in the field of biometrics. Compared with other biometric technologies, finger vein authentication technology has the following main advantages:

1. Biometric technology will not be lost, will not be stolen, and will not be burdened by memory passwords;

2. The internal information of the human body is not affected by rough skin and external environment (temperature, humidity);

3, applicable to a wide range of people, high accuracy, can not be copied, can not be forged, safe and convenient.

With the maturity of finger vein technology, more and more lock brands have begun to introduce finger vein technology, and more companies with military backgrounds have participated in it, with the quality of military industry, strong bio-intelligence technology, and research and development of venous locks. It is reported that Hong Kong 3L Development Co., Ltd., together with the 7th Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group, has created the “Nine Songs” brand with the most advanced second-generation bio-living recognition technology – vein recognition technology, and vigorously develops finger vein locks.

In today's society, the security of information is increasingly valued, and the loss of important information often causes irreparable damage. Compared with the fingerprint recognition that biometrics are vulnerable to theft, the finger vein recognition technology is obviously more advantageous in the field of information security. It is the general trend to replace the fingerprint lock with the safety, convenience and advanced technology.

Editor in charge: Zhou Lingling

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