Swimming pool water treatment equipment plays an important role in the swimming pool

In recent years, people’s living conditions have improved. Slowly inclined to swim in this sport, especially in the summer, to enter the swimming pool or outdoor water park and other places to entertain, it is to lift summer fever, so that people feel cool. However, the quality of the swimming pool is very important at this time, because people sweat sweat, bacteria, urea and other things. If you can not guarantee the cleanliness of the water, then the harm to the human body is great. In previous years, people’s awareness in this area was not very strong, so the general swimming pools were not equipped with circulating filtration equipment. The usual cleaning is to put a spot of disinfectant. The time is long for changing the water. This not only can not guarantee the cleanliness of the water quality, and it is not only troublesome but also costly. The main reason is that the water quality has not reached the guarantee. Therefore, the businessmen who started preparing to build swimming pools in recent years have begun to realize this problem slowly. Began to look for water filtration equipment for swimming pools to save water and electricity.
Why does swimming pool water treatment have a huge significance for the swimming pool and the operators themselves? Today, the swimming pool water treatment equipment manufacturer's water conservancy party will give you a brief explanation.
1, can greatly save water, reduce waste The main effect of swimming pool water treatment cycle equipment is the cycle of filtration, to ensure normal swimming and water quality. At present, China’s water resources are in a state of shortage. The cost of water in large cities is relatively high. Swimming pools require large amounts of water. If you do not use circulating filtration equipment, then the amount of water that is wasted each day will be huge, and you will use a dedicated swimming pool circulation filtration system. Only need to add about 20% of the amount of water loss per month, which greatly reduces the operating costs of the swimming pool, long-term down, but also to save the company a big expense.
2. Reducing the level of water pollution is conducive to environmental protection. The shortage of water resources in China, especially the serious shortage of fresh water resources, the pool’s water resources are freshwater. If taken straight forward, the water that is contaminated every day will not be treated. It will be discharged directly into the surrounding rivers. If it continues for a long time, it will pollute the river.
3. Maintain the cleanliness of the swimming pool The quality of the water is a crucial factor in the operation of the swimming pool. A pool of muddy, invisible water can evoke the desire to swim? Secondly, how to ensure that the bacteria content in the pool water reaches the national standard, which is one of the issues that the swimming pool must care about during the operation process, and a set of professional water circulation filtration equipment can solve the above problems.
The automatic diatomite filtration equipment produced by Shenzhen Water Conservancy produces professional swimming pool water circulation filters. The product sets automatic control system and remote operation monitoring system. The swimming pool touch intelligent standard control system integrates water quality monitoring, temperature control, automatic dosing, and water treatment cycle filtration automatic intelligent control system and control electric box into one. The artificial intelligence design is realized, the appearance is more beautiful, and the operation is more convenient and easy. You only need to download and install it on your mobile phone or computer to realize remote monitoring and operation, reduce the frequency of frequent access to the equipment room, allow you to easily understand your swimming pool, help you manage the swimming pool in an all-round way, and provide you with an overall swimming pool management solution. .

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