Solar Street Light Controller Installation Notes

1. Before the controller is installed, check whether there is factory certificate, product specification, and quality assurance card. Check the specifications and models according to the drawings and inspect whether the appearance is damaged or not.

2. The controller of the solar LED lighting device is generally matched with the lighting fixture and is installed outdoors. Due to the influence of external environmental conditions, it is easy to cause its leakage and short circuit, resulting in temporary or permanent failure. Therefore, the controller must have a sealed, moisture-proof function, and the protection level should reach IP65.

3, the controller can not be placed directly on the battery, although often used maintenance-free battery and other measures, but the battery will inevitably produce corrosion gas, will cause adverse effects on the controller's electronic components, the formation of hidden trouble.

4. The insulation resistance value between the main circuit of the solar panel and controller protection device and the earth (outer shell) should not be less than 1 megohm. It should be able to withstand AC 1000V/min power frequency AC withstand voltage without flashover or breakdown. .

5, controllers and solar panels and batteries connected to the conductor, should take full account of the low voltage and high current factors. Conductor cross-sectional area to meet the safety current requirements, terminal pressure must be strong, and there should be anti-loosening device.

6. There is a control connection order: The wiring order of each controller manufacturer will be different, please strictly follow the controller manual wiring.

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