Safe and Convenient Life Starts with Samsung Smart Door Locks

Are you still worrying about running out and carrying heavy keys? Are you still worrying about the fact that the whole family is too busy finding keys? Are you still worried about the loss of keys? Samsung Smart Locks can help you solve this problem. All the trouble. Unique and luxurious design makes your door extraordinary.

Convenient - easy to use

Smart door lock has a variety of access methods to meet each person's different lifestyles (password/RF card/fingerprint/emergency key); the touch screen-wide touch screen not only designs modern fashion, but also improves the tactile sensation when entering the password.

1 Emergency function to open the door with one key (reverse escape lock)

Push-pull handle design allows people to close or open the door at one time. In the event of a fire or emergency, a key can be opened to provide safe and rapid escape.

2 automatically locked

The auto-lock feature eliminates the need to repeat the lock when you go out. Allows you to go out and ensure safety.

3 automatic sensing

The RF card or key card can be instantly verified without pressing the wake-up wake-up button.


Enhance home security:

1 random security code function

Pressing two random digits before entering the real password will make it impossible for the intruder to find out the password through the fingerprint on the way.

2 prevent invasion

Only when the sensor detects the activity of the house can the lock be unlocked by pressing the hold/close button.

3 double authentication

The two-factor authentication function increases security by requiring a password and unlocking it using a fingerprint or door card (optional).

4 prevention settings

Pressing two random digits before entering the real password will make it impossible for the intruder to find out the password through the fingerprint on the way.

5 House Security

When you are at home, the Antilock feature prevents you from unlocking it from outside the house. You can activate this function by pressing the (Open/Close) or Anti-Speech button.

Enhanced features

1 keyboard volume control

Adjustable volume

2, 9V backup battery

When the battery is dead, 9V backup battery can be used.

3 Low battery alert

When the battery power is too low, the door will prompt the market to remind you to replace the battery.

Samsung Smart Home Interface

The door lock can be unlocked by using the Samsung phone as an excuse for the door or automatic home.

The emergence of smart locks largely compensates for the shortcomings of traditional locks. The security, convenience, and security features are all strong, creating a protective wall for our home. Satisfy everyone's needs, people are increasingly recognized. With the improvement of living standards, I slowly walked into the homes of the people.

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