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Reverse bearing device

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First open the reverse support package; view the certificate and signage; acknowledge that the type of reverse support used is correct.
A. The surface of the equipment should be bright; remove all remaining materials such as paint residue, welding beads, burrs, etc. When removing, pay attention not to let the solvent enter the inside of the reverse bearing; do not use the solvent that damages the sealing data. Dry, no smoothing agent. Measures should be taken to protect workers and the environment.
The equipment surface roughness of the equipment support is not greater than Ra=12. 5,6. 3μm, the flatness of the equipment surface shall be corrected for circumferential error and radial error. The circumferential flatness tolerance value shall follow the reverse support raceway. The diameter is large and there is a corresponding standard value scale (refer to the relevant specifications in detail, the radial error is measured according to the flange practice width; the radial plane tolerance value is half of the circumferential tolerance value).
In order to prevent the unevenness of the plane of the equipment or the deformation of the support, the reverse bearing part is overloaded; the circumferential flatness error can only be once rough in any 180 degree scale; and the change is steep.
B. Stiffness specification of the bearing The reverse bearing and the zero-gap reversing bearing have different requirements on the rigidity of the bearing. See the following table:
Raceway diameter (mm) 250 500 750 1000 1500 2000 2500 3500
Allowable deformation amount for the standard inversion support (mm) Ball type 0. 31 0. 40 0. 53 0. 60 0. 80 1. 0 1. 2 1. 5
Roller type 0. 24 0. 30 0. 36 0. 41 0. 53 0. 60 0. 68 0. 90
The amount of deformation allowed for the zero-void inversion support (mm) Ball type 0. 22 0. 28 0. 35 0. 40 0. 50 0. 68 0. 80 1.08
Roller type 0. 16 0. 21 0. 24 0. 28 0. 35 0. 40 0. 45 0. 62
C. The inner and outer ring raceways of the positioning reverse bearing have a soft belt; they should be placed on both sides of the main load plane. That is, they are offset from the main load zone by 90 degrees. There is a blockage or "S" symbol at the soft belt.
In addition, you should check the compliance of the reverse bearing and the equipment surface; generally use the feeler gauge; if it is inaccurate; fill it with the appropriate data. Reverse the support equipment to stop the welding on the support.
D. Consolidation bolts 1. Equipment bolts should be selected with regular (scale, quantity, strength grade, etc.) equipment bolts and washers.
Cannot use full-threaded bolts. Do not use old bolts, nuts and washers to stop the use of open washers such as elastic washers. 2. Selection of bolt pre-tightening torque. Pre-tightening force of general metric bolts is taken to be 0. 6-0. 7 times bolts are yielded. Strength. It is recommended that the bolts larger than M27 use hydraulic fastening equipment; the pre-tightening force should not exceed 85% of the flexing strength.
3. The fastening bolts should be reversed to support the equipment under no load conditions. Pay attention to:
Apply a little oil to the thread of the bolt to ensure that the friction resistance is balanced. Do not use glue on the bolt lock.
Pre-tightening bolt: It should be interwoven in three steps; the force of three steps is 30%, 80%, 100%.
E. When adjusting the backlash support of the gear backlash device; it is very important to adjust the gear backlash correctly. It can be adjusted with the feeler gauge at the highest point of the radial runout of the gear; it can also be used with lead wire or other suitable method. The gap is not within the regular value; the pinion can be moved to change the spacing. After the setting, the reverse bearing is rotated at least one full turn to admit that there are no other tooth jump points, and the backlash is filled again after the end of the reverse bearing is fixed. The highest point of radial runout is in the tooth groove with the green paint symbol.
F, first smooth, smooth raceway to ensure smooth and plentiful; smooth grease should be added to the drawing or product specification before the initial application. Pay special attention to all the grease nozzles to write smooth grease one by one; the best side The oil is reversed to support the side of the oil; until the smooth grease is squeezed out of the seal ring.
2, the gear is smooth when the gear is smooth; the tooth surface should be hygienic. It is recommended to use a clean brush to brush the smooth grease on the gear.

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