[New products] World's first artificial intelligence helmet production

The artificial intelligence helmet developed by Taiwan's new creation team, JARVISH, made its debut in Silicon Valley today. This smart helmet, which is a finalist in the world's new competition, will be on sale in Taiwan in April and come to the United States, France and Southeast Asia in May.

The team from Taiwan presented the new products at a press conference organized by the Science and Technology Section of the Taipei Scriptures Department in San Francisco today. Director Ma Zhonglin expressed his congratulations on the wisdom helmet developed by the JARVISH team and shortlisted for the "New World Innovation Competition" to be held in San Francisco. At the same time, there are many talents in Taiwan and we hope to see closer cooperation between Taiwan and Silicon Valley.

Liang Weiyang, co-founder of the Taiwan development team, JARVISH, said that the newly-created helmet uses aerospace grade carbon fiber material, and is the world’s lightest artificial intelligence helmet, about 1.5 kg, in addition to ventilation and heat protection.

Liang Weiyang said that in addition to a network communication function to provide satellite navigation, dynamic sensing, cloud intelligence analysis and other functions, but also voice control operation calls, listening to music and high-resolution wide-angle video, like a "multi-functional wisdom housekeeper."

He said that the hardware and software development combined with research and development technology in Taiwan, the United States, Silicon Valley, India and Belgium. Partners include well-known companies from more than 20 countries, covering telecommunications, insurance, technology and social media. Therefore, innovative helmets will be sold in the outlets of Taiwan and China’s 2 major telecom operators. Because of the cooperation with Facebook, videos from cycling can be shared via Facebook Live.

Zhang Youwen, PR Marketing Manager at JARVISH, said that in order to ensure battery safety, Panasonic's military-specific explosion-proof ceramic batteries are used, and the endurance is about 5 hours. (Central News Agency)

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