Mine gas explosion rescue method

Mine gas explosion refers to the main rescue tasks when dealing with gas and coal dust explosions, including: salvaging the victims, clearing road blockages, finding sources of fire, extinguishing the fire source, finding explosion sites and closing the disaster area.
1. When the ambulance team receives the ambulance task, it must ask to ascertain the nature of the accident, the reason, the location of the accident, and the number of underground resident and their respective areas; if the situation is not clear, the stricken area must be first investigated.
2. Before entering the blast disaster area, the power to the disaster area must be cut off. If the power supply is not cut off after entering the disaster area, if the concentration of gas near the electrical equipment exceeds the limit, you must not blindly pull the switch in the disaster area to prevent the electrical equipment from losing the explosion-proof performance and causing explosion again. If you need to restore the power supply in the disaster area, you must first check the concentration of gas in the disaster area.
3. The route of the rescue team into the disaster area should be determined according to the judgment of the gas explosion. Under normal circumstances, in the direction of the wind, from the transport lane into the disaster area, can be in the fresh air lanes, to maintain the combat effectiveness of the rescue team and reduce the physical strength of the players. If the gas explosion expands into the wind after the explosion, it is common for the wind roadway to collapse, collapse and block, and it is difficult to clean up and repair. At this time, it is also possible to enter the disaster area along the direction of the return wind. This zone is also a place where the victims are more concentrated.
4. After entering the disaster area, the first task is to save people and check the gas concentration. When dealing with continuous explosion of gas, or when the concentration of gas is large at the site of the accident, and there is an open flame residual fire, the change of gas concentration should be known at any time. If it is found that the gas concentration rises rapidly but is still at the lower explosion limit, the air volume should be increased to reduce the gas concentration. Otherwise, the ambulance crew should immediately spread out the danger zone. When the disaster area is no longer in danger of explosion (the oxygen content is less than 12% and the gas concentration is above 16%), the disaster area will be rescued.
5. Quickly restore the ventilation in the gas explosion area, promptly expel the smoke and toxic and harmful gases from the explosion and provide fresh air to the disaster area to prevent the victims from suffocating and expanding the disaster. However, before resuming ventilation, it must be ascertained whether there is a residual fire or it will again cause a gas explosion.
When restoring ventilation, first restore the main ventilation facilities that are most easily restored. Severe damage is caused. Ventilation facilities that are difficult to recover temporarily can be replaced by temporary facilities such as temporary dampers, wind barriers, temporary seals, and bureau fans.
6. Clear the blockage of the roadway in the disaster area. After the gas explosion, roadway jams often occur due to the occurrence of roof fall, affecting the rescue team to carry out reconnaissance and rescue operations. When saving, consider the time to clear the blockage. If the roadway blockage is serious and the ambulance crew is not easy to remove in a short time, other feasible measures to restore ventilation and rescue personnel should be considered, and the ventilation of the roadway outside the blockage area should be resumed as soon as possible so that the rescue team can work without wearing a respirator. Staff can safely participate in the rescue.
7. Extinguish the fire caused by the explosion. In order to rescue the victims and prevent the accidents from spreading and expanding, fires or residual fires should be extinguished immediately if they are found in the disaster area. When the fire is large and it is difficult to extinguish for a moment, it is necessary to stop the spread of fire to the location of the victims and to save the fire first. When a fire zone encircles a person in danger, it must fully extinguish the fire, open the way and draw up personnel; if the fire is particularly large and there is a danger of causing the gas to explode again, use the direct fire extinguishing method to be ineffective, and confirm that all the fire zone personnel have been killed. Close the fire area and control the fire. After the fire area is extinguished, the bodies of the victims are found.
8. In the event of a continuous explosion, in order to rescue the victims or close the fire area, the ambulance commanders can use the gaps between the two explosions to rescue them in an emergency, and immediately close the disaster area after rescue. This requires the disaster relief commander and the rescue team leader to carefully grasp the regularity of the interval between successive explosions. Consider the round trip time in the disaster area. When the time is not allowed, the rescue team cannot go back to the disaster area during the interval. Otherwise, it is difficult to guarantee the rescue team. Its own security.
9. When handling a gas explosion accident, two-way communication equipment should be carried in order to get in touch with the command and rescue base at any time.
10. If it is found that a large number of dead persons are stranded in the lanes of the return air direction and are seriously threatened by suffocating gases (mainly fields), they may consider reversing the wind after retreating in the direction of the wind. Or stop the wind. However, this must be done carefully so as not to increase the disaster situation.

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