Inventory of the top ten least-used costly and unusable homes

When the new home is renovated, the happiest thing for many people is to choose furniture with their loved ones.

Sometimes happiness can't stop when you start, facing the merchants' temptation and beautiful graphic recommendations, so many unpractical homes begin to enter your new home.

Let's take a look at the top ten impractical furniture that owners often vomit.

All kinds of small kitchen appliances


You lying on the bed

I accidentally swiped a certain treasure

Copywriting for small kitchen appliances

So soymilk machine, bread machine, yogurt machine, juicer, pasta machine, egg cooker, humidifier, vacuum cleaner and other small appliances began to line up and walk into your kitchen, a 100 square meter house is not enough for you to put.



Classmates, why do you have to pretend to be at home, pretend to be healthy, and pretend to be a good wife and mother? It takes a lot of devices to make a loaf of bread and drink a cup of soy milk, but also a lot of parts to wash when you are done. After using it happily once or twice, you find that it is really too troublesome.

In the end, life is the same as usual, except that there are more small appliances "putting places in the kitchen" that make dust in the corner. Yogurt bread, this is clearly something that can be solved with ten dollars.

Of course

If your home is big enough

Enough money, people are free enough

I want to buy anything

Just be happy if you are happy ~


I once saw the hero in the movie running on the treadmill at home, and then came down to eat his wife's prepared breakfast. So determined to add a treadmill to the home.



But the cheap treadmill is easy to cause knee damage. It is better to take a big breath in an unventilated home and go to the park for a healthy walk. You may not receive a complaint from the neighbor downstairs ...

When you feel overjoyed, you think this behemoth is very unsightly.

Fish tank

Sometimes when you see the fish farming device in the protagonist's home on the TV series, you can't feel itchy anymore.

But after you buy it, you will basically be ashamed. All the fish you raise are inexplicably dead one by one. Finally, it is embarrassing to raise a bunch of plants in the fish tank.



High force wine cabinet

The homes of successful people on the Internet should have a high-quality wine cabinet that represents taste. In fact, this is another fooling publicity of the seller. The successful people must have a private jet now.


Unless you are a wine tasting house, otherwise install a wine cabinet, just wait for the dust, especially with this small lattice, wiping the dust can wipe you doubting your life!



â–² Don't always think about moving the style of the hotel to your home. It was pretty good at the beginning. It was dirty and not easy to clean up. Jumping twice on the carpet is simply a sandstorm. I have to buy another vacuum cleaner to clean it, and it is not hygienic.

But it is said that those who bought this kind of rug have used it to improve the relationship between their mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, because cleaning the rug requires you to drive your in-laws and carry the rug to the top floor to dry.

It is recommended to put a small piece of carpet beside the bed and beside the sofa. It is both beautiful and convenient, and you can clean up the beverages you accidentally dropped.





â–² After work, take a bath, drink a little wine, and then sprinkle a flower, petty bourgeois life is simply suffocating.

But in fact, I did n’t have much interest in using it a few times at the beginning, and I did n’t have so much time for recreation, and I had to clean it before using the bathtub every time. I was too lazy to use it. .

Do n’t be impressed by my first sentence

No closet

There is no closet to the top, because the closet is not up to the top, so the top of the closet is prone to dust, it is not easy to clean, and it is easy to become a sanitary dead corner.


In order to reduce the cleaning cost, the wardrobe is directly designed to the top, which saves time and effort and increases the wardrobe space.



Balcony cabinet

The small size of the home is the housing situation for many people today, so some people will try their best to increase the storage function, for example, to put a cabinet on the balcony, the home can have more storage space.



It can be said to be a savior for small-sized people, but the cabinets are made of wooden boards, even if they are waterproof, they ca n’t stand the wind of the balcony for a long time, less than a few years, The cabinet will be deformed by damp and mildew.

crystal Light

Nowadays, European-style, American-style, and Korean-style decoration are popular, so crystal lamps are also sought after by everyone, but in fact, many rooms have small ceilings and low ceilings, and a string of crystal lamps is also hard to install. There is nothing to be missed when it comes to cleaning.



Buy European-style lamps, crystal lamps take care of trouble, you will get bored after watching for a long time, and the connected metal parts are easy to rust, or ceiling lamps are the most practical!


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