Ingenious to create a 30 square meter small apartment renovation of the small space decoration change

As housing prices continue to rise, many homebuyers will choose small-sized apartment types. How do small spaces meet the needs of living? This has become a problem for many homebuyers. Today, we will introduce the following 30-square-metre small apartment renovations . Look at 30 square meters small apartment renovation need to pay attention to what it!

30 square meters small apartment renovation - partition design

For such small-sized apartment fittings with 30 flats, the partition method is often used in designing to make the space divisional. The open layout design will allow the original interior space to be expanded without having to demolish the wall. At the same time, you can use furniture, screens, etc. to make space more spacious.

30 square meters small apartment decoration - furniture selection

With regard to the selection of small-sized furniture of 30 square meters, products with simple shapes, light weight, and easy to handle should be selected. In many related cases, we can see that the selected furniture is made of random combination, easy to disassemble, and the storage performance is good. Furniture can also be a multi-functional product, such as a sofa bed, which is convenient for us to watch TV and can be used as a bed when we want to sleep.

30 square meters small apartment decoration - space utilization

Due to the small size of 30 flats, the open design is used in the design of kitchens to increase the space utilization rate. The overall design is mainly to meet the practical functions, and the living room dining room is integrated with the design, the study room and the bedroom design, so that a variety of use functions are simultaneously satisfied.

30 square meters small apartment renovation - emphasis on practical

For small-sized apartment renovations, it is not only necessary to ensure a variety of space-use functions, but in terms of practicality, space-saving needs to be taken into account. At the same time, the wall can also be used to install the shelves on different walls, which not only increases the space storage function, but also facilitates the placement of decorations.

30 square meters small apartment decoration - color matching

30 square meters of small apartment renovation, the use of color can be decorated according to the needs and preferences of users to match, use more light colors, so that space becomes bigger. At the same time, these colors also have a certain degree of diffusion, giving residents a fresh and bright feeling.

30 square meters small apartment decoration - ceiling ceiling

A lot of decoration users spend a lot of effort on ceilings, but due to the small height of 30 square meters, the height of ceilings is usually not as high. The design of ceilings should follow simplicity. If the design is complex, it is easy to create a sense of space. At the same time, ceiling materials can be lightweight. Material, visual effects are ideal.

About 30 square meters of small apartment renovation , Xiao Bian will be introduced here temporarily, I hope to help you. If you want to learn more relevant knowledge, you can pay attention to this site information, more exciting content waiting for you.

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