Industry standard for safe locks

The rapid development of China's lock industry, and at the same time the application of lock technology in the safe locks, also promoted the rapid development of the safe. In recent years, the hardware lock industry has grown steadily at an annual growth rate of 15%. At present, there are more than 1,400 lock-making enterprises registered in China (including those that specialize in the manufacture of safe locks), mainly SMEs, mostly individual and private enterprises, which are basically all labor-intensive industries.

There are many categories of locks in our country, and each category has different standards. Here, taking China's door lock as an example, talk about the relevant standards and norms of locks.

The new standards for door locks in China were released in June 2000 and implemented in October 2000. There are four national standards for door lock products, which were released and implemented in 1988. The main products are GB8385-97 Exterior Door Locks, GB8386-87 Pinball Insert Locks, and GB8387-1987 Blade Insert Locks. And GB8388-87 "spherical door lock." In March 1999, they were converted to QB/T3837-1999, QB/T3838-1999, QB/T3839-1999 and QB/T3840-1999. However, with the continuous development of the market economy, door lock products have undergone great changes. The product variety is continuously enriched and the technical level is continuously improving. The original national standards and professional standards are far from meeting the requirements of the door lock quality technology in the new situation. In particular, after China's accession to the WTO, in order to adapt to the development of global economic integration, the grade and quality of door lock products in China must be improved. In order to achieve convergence with international standards, narrow the gap with developed countries in the world, eliminate trade barriers, increase foreign exchange through exports, promote the healthy development of China's lock industry, and then participate in international competition, China has revised the original lock standards. The National Light Industry Bureau and the National Standardization Center for Daily Use Hardware revised the original four door lock standards, and merged the original marble door lock (SG205-80) with a double-leaf door lock (GB8385-87) to increase the number of pairs. Buckle (Tiger) door lock becomes the standard for exterior door locks. The current implementation of the light industry standard QB is the revised new standard.

The revised principle of the new standard is: Based on the original standard, it can only be improved and must not be reduced. We must fundamentally reverse the backwardness of our country's products with low grades, low prices, and poor levels of technology. We must adopt a policy of careful study and differential treatment and revise them in light of China's actual conditions. In the process of revision, non-equivalent degrees in various degrees are based on the United States ANSI (American National Standard), British BS (British National Standards) and JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards) and other foreign advanced standards as the basis. At the same time, in accordance with the requirements of national laws and regulations, combined with the actual product, in accordance with different needs in the process of the revision of the standard, it has made grading regulations. The exterior door locks and spherical door locks are divided into two categories of A-level and B-level, basically clear Distinguishes the distinction between high-class villas, apartments and commercial houses, and residential units.

The newly revised standard requires higher than the original standard. The grade A of exterior door locks has reached the B level in the British BS5872. The B grade is higher than the original standard in our country but lower than the B grade in the UK BS5872. (Note: British grade BS grade B grade A grade height). In the ball lock A grade, its main index is close to the level of the second level lock in the United States ANSI/BAMA.A156.2-1996, the main index of the grade B product is close to the ANSI/BA, the level three lock in the A.A156.2-1996. Level, and a lot higher than our original standard. In general, China's revised standards for door locks QB/T2473-2000, QB/T2475-2000, QB/T2474-2000, and QB/T2476-2000 are all higher than the original standards.

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