In the first five months, the import stone of Shihu Port in Quanzhou ranked second in the country.

Quanzhou, Fujian Province Inspection and Quarantine Summary 6 revealed that from January to May this year, imports from Quanzhou Port Shek Wu stone of 1.4996 million tons, the value of $ 198 million, respectively, up by 180.4% and 157.3%, imports hit a record year history new highs. Quanzhou inspection
Fujian Quanzhou Inspection and Quarantine Bureau disclosed on the 6th that from January to May this year, the import of stone from Quanzhou Shihu Port Area reached 1,499,600 tons, with a value of 198 million US dollars, up 180.4% and 157.3% respectively, and the import volume reached a record high. .
The relevant person in charge of Quanzhou Inspection and Quarantine Bureau said that the amount of stone imported by Shihu Port has accounted for more than one third of the country, second only to Xiamen, becoming the second largest stone import port in China. "The stone materials entering from Shihu Port Area are all Indian block stones, mainly including dozens of varieties such as Indian Red, British Brown, Black Gold Sand, Red Brown, Abang Stone and Symphony Red (Purple)."
Adjacent to Nan'an City, the country's largest stone distribution center, and Hui'an County, the hometown of Chinese stone carvings, the geographical location of Quanzhou Shihu Port Area is unique. Compared with Xiamen Port, the road is close and the transportation cost is low. Some Xiamen stone management enterprises have also transferred their business to Shihu Port Area. The effect of imported stone distribution radiation is obvious.
At the same time, with the commissioning of No. 4 yard in Shihu Port Area and the commissioning of a number of advanced loading and unloading machinery, the loading, unloading, transportation and storage capacity of Shihu Port has been greatly improved.
The person in charge said that Quanzhou Inspection and Quarantine Bureau strengthened the radioactive detection of imported stone, actively explored a new model of quarantine supervision, ensured the safety of imported stone, and adopted multi-point inspection methods for terminals and container yards to effectively improve customs clearance efficiency and create a good enterprise. Customs clearance environment, promote the import of stone from Shihu Port Area.

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