Implementing the concept of "do not destroy", Xugongqiang broke the technology of the arm frame reduction

Recently, Xugong Research Institute's "crawler-type powerful boom-arm reduction technology" has withstood more than 10,000 principle reliability tests. After the hammer is unhooked, the boom swing is superior to the industry benchmark products and has reached the industry leading level. The results have been applied to XCMG XGH600, XGH460, and XGH350 series of powerful boring machines, which greatly improved the stability of the whole machine. The current sales amount exceeds 10 million yuan.

The crawler type tamping machine has a large swing amplitude after the hook is unhooked, which is the main reason for the failure rate of weak components such as hydraulic system and electrical system. Xugong Research Institute launched a technical research on this issue. The international initiative proposed the technology of the tamping machine armrest reduction based on particle vibration reduction, and established a test specification for the tamping performance of the tamping machine, which formed the dynamics of the tamping machine. Analytical method. After application, the swing amplitude of the boom is reduced by 35.6%, and the swing displacement of the rear end of the turntable is reduced by 62.5%, breaking through the industry barriers and reaching the leading level in the industry.

Up to now, users have verified the performance of construction work, operation performance, driving performance, safety and reliability. XCMG crawler type tamping machine has won its stability, high operating comfort and low failure rate of vulnerable parts. The unanimous approval of the customers has made Xu Gongqiang take the opportunity to take a solid step on the road of “do not destroy”!

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