How to choose aluminum buckle board

[China Aluminum Industry Network] specifications of aluminum buckle: on the market 600mm × 600mm micro-hole square plate, F297H30 and M185H20 aluminum buckle plate are applied more extensive aluminum buckle type: aluminum buckle plate is divided into surface punch Holes and planes are two. The surface punching can breathe sound and sound, and the film inside is covered with a layer of film cushion, and the moisture can be absorbed by the film through the punching hole, so it is more suitable for the kitchen with more moisture. How to distinguish the quality of the aluminum gusset: The quality of the aluminum gusset is not entirely thin and thick, but the key lies in the texture of the aluminum material. Home use aluminum buckle, 0.6 mm is enough. To identify the aluminum pinch, in addition to paying attention to the finish of the surface, we must observe whether the board is thin and even, and whether the elasticity and toughness are good or not can be felt by hand. The method of the ceiling of the aluminum buckle plate: There are two installation methods of the aluminum buckle plate ceiling with light steel keel and wood square keel. The wood will be deformed under the influence of temperature and humidity. In this way, the time is long, and there are large deformations and small differences between the wooden parts. As a result, the ceiling is unevenly deformed. On the contrary, the light steel keel is used. Method installation, since all the materials above the ceiling are metal, the deformation is reduced to a greater extent. Therefore, the installation method of the light steel keel is preferable. The cost of the ceiling: The cost of the ceiling consists of three parts: the front is the aluminum buckle; the second is the corner of the material, the general dealer will help you calculate how many corners you need according to your home situation; third Part is labor money and should include all dressings. Expert Tip: In the Building Materials City, many salesmen will say that their aluminum gussets are 0.8 millimeters, and some friends say that someone introduced him to 0.88 millimeters; this kind of board is usually not up to standard, so they can only use thickness to get people. Normal 0.6 mm is enough

NY250 Asbestos Rubber Gasket for Oil-Resistance 

Description:NY250 Asbestos Rubber Gasket for Oil-Resistance  as oil resisting Sealing Gasket materials,it is for widely range,and it made by  asbestos fiber with oil resistance synthetic rubber mixture,compression heating and molding it in thick paper fashion. 

Usage:NY250 Asbestos Rubber Gasket for Oil-Resistance is suitable for the mediums temperature under  250℃,pressure under 2.5MPa in water,saturated vapour,super hot vapour,gas and inert gases and alcohol  transmitted in the joints of facilities and pipelines.




4100×1500mm; 4500 x 1500mm;2000×1500mm; 

1500×1500mm;1500×1000mm;1270×1300mm; 3810×1300mm 

Thickness:  0.5~6.0mm

Technical data:

Lateral Tensile Strength MPa      â‰§11.0    

Compressibility %                        7~17  

Recovery%                                   ≧45  

Density g/cm³                           1.6~2.0  

Normal temperature softness   No cracking  

Oil Resistivity Test:

Immersion IRM903 Oil keeping 5h (149℃)

Lateral Tensile Strength(MPa)       â‰¥ 7.0  

Weigh gain rate(%)                  â‰¤30  

Immersion ASTM Fuel Oil B keeping 5h(21-30℃)

thickening rate (%)                 0~20  

Oil sealing properties under normal Temperature

Medium:RH-75 Avgas  

Pressure:   10Mpa  No leaking keeping 30 minutes  

Nitrogen Leakage Rate ML/(h•mm)≦300 


 Product photoes:

NY250 Asbestos Rubber Gasket for Oil-Resistance

  NY250 Asbestos Rubber Gasket for Oil-Resistance

Ny250 Asbestos Rubber Gasket For Oil-Resistance

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