Correct installation procedure of glass rotor flowmeter

The glass rotor flow meter is used in the installation step.
1, first of all should check its technical parameters such as: measurement range, accuracy level, rated working pressure, temperature and a series of parameters meet the use requirements.
2, in preparation for installation, to remove the top liner in the flow meter protection. And check whether the cone is damaged, the float can not move up and down freely, after determining the normal can be installed.
3. The newly installed pipeline should be flushed before installing the glass rotor flowmeter.
4. Make the minimum value of the rotameter is below and vertically installed on the pipeline without vibration. The angle between the center line of the rotameter and the plumb line should not exceed 5 degrees.
5. Large-diameter flowmeters are relatively heavy. To avoid bending of the pipes, measures such as reinforcement support may be taken when necessary. When installing, it is also necessary to prevent the rotor flowmeter from being subjected to excessive pulling, pressing and twisting force. In order to avoid excessive force to damage the cone.
6. According to different working conditions in use, if necessary, install a filter upstream of the rotameter to prevent impurities from contaminating and jam the rotameter. If the fluid is unstable with pulsating flow, a buffer may be installed to ensure good measurement of the rotameter to eliminate pulsatile flow.
7. After the rotameter is ready to be put into use, it should slowly open the control valve on the upstream pipeline of the flowmeter, and then use the regulating valve to adjust the flow so as not to cause the float to rise sharply to damage the conical tube. In order to ensure the measurement accuracy of the rotameter when it is in use, it is recommended that the flow rate of the fluid to be measured is selected to be more than 60% of the upper limit of the flow rate of the rotor flowmeter.

raw material: Low carbon steel Wire Q195, Q235

surface treatment: powder coating(thickness 0.1mm), PVC/PE coated(thickness 0.8-1.2mm), Electrol galvanized(zinc coating: 20-60g/m2), Hot dipped galvanized(40-500g/m2)

wire diameter: 4.0mm, 4.5mm, 5.0mm, 5.5mm, 6.0mm

mesh size: 50*200mm, 55*200mm, 50*100mm, 75*150mm

length: 2000mm, 2200mm, 2500mm, 3000mm

height: 1030mm with 2 curves, 1230mm with 2 curves, 1530mm with 3 curves, 1830mm with 3 curves, 2030mm with 4 curves, 2230mm with 4 curves, 2430mm with 4 curves

Post : round post, square post, CM post, peach post

common color: Green RAL6005, Black RAL9005, White RAL9010, Grey RAL7030, Red RAL3020, Yellow RAL1023 Blue RAL5017

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