Cleaning and maintenance tips for modern shelf

The so-called modern shelf is a partition similar to bookshelves. It is used to display antiques and other artworks. It has different specifications and structures and is a must-have display for antique collectors. Since the exhibitions on the shelves are all rare antiques, we must do a good job of cleaning and maintaining the modern shelf in our daily life. Let's take a look at it with the

Cleaning and maintenance of the shelf


The shelf is a multi-layered wooden frame that displays antique treasures indoors. It is a woodwork similar to a bookshelf. The shelf is usually divided into a number of layers of different styles, and various antiques and utensils are set in each compartment, so it is also called "Tenjin 槅子", "集锦槅子" or "多宝槅子". Each layer of the shelf has an irregular shape, and the front and back are open, and there is nothing to block it, so that the objects placed on the shelf can be viewed from various positions. The ancient shelf can be placed on top of some antique utensils such as jade, ceramics, porcelain, etc., mainly for appreciation. For such a shelf dedicated to displaying antique treasures, how to clean and maintain it in daily life?


1. First, try to avoid exposure to moisture or corrosive gases and liquids. In daily life, it should be avoided to avoid contact with water and corrosive objects. Otherwise, it will easily cause the surface of the shelf to rot, which will easily lead to the destruction of the shelf, and can not play the role of antiques and beautiful decoration. effect.

2. When there is dust on the surface of the shelf, use a donkey or a soft cloth to remove dust. If there is stain on the surface, use a wax to wipe it off instead of using clean water. Washing with water makes it easy for water to remain in the shelf, which is difficult to remove and can easily lead to corrosion of the shelf. And for the cleaning of the shelf, it is best to do regular care according to the actual situation. If you have the conditions, you can also keep the appearance and oil on the veneer. And when wiping the shelf, you can only use a dry soft cloth to gently wipe, do not use chemical cleaners or acidic liquids to clean, but also try to avoid contact with water.

3. When using, pay attention to balance, avoid placing the shelf in a place with high temperature, strong vibration, humidity or direct sunlight, and keep the room ventilated. In a ventilated and suitable environment, the wardrobe can survive for a longer period of time, and the service is harder for the host.


The above is the small cleaning and maintenance knowledge of the modern shelf that Xiaobian has compiled for you. If you want to know more information, you can pay attention to the official website of our website.

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