Caofeidian imports more than one million cubic meters of timber

China board trading network news:

With the booming development of the wood industry at the Caofeidian Port, the total timber volume imported through the Caofeidian Wenfeng Timber Wharf has exceeded 1 million cubic meters, reaching 1.162 million cubic meters. In the first quarter, the Caofeidian Office of the Hebei Inspection and Quarantine Bureau completed inspection and quarantine inspections and imported 27 batches of 276,000 cubic meters of wood, valued at 35.805 million US dollars.

It is understood that since the first wood importation business in Caofeidian port in 2014, Caofeidian inspection and quarantine personnel used the “Internet + quarantine processing” model, through the quarantine processing electronic monitoring system, on-line “fumigation processing automation control and detection system” to achieve quarantine. Processing data in real time and remotely shared. With the promotion of Caofeidian imported timber quarantine and treatment areas, Caofeidian imported lumber industry has realized leap-forward development. More than 30 enterprises have settled in the Caofeidian Timber Industry Park, mobilized 2,000 people to work, with an annual output value of 600 million yuan, and profits and taxes of 8 million yuan. . Caofeidian has initially formed a full-process wood industry cluster with a modern wood industry as its main industry and wood supply system and product R&D system as its guarantee. At present, Caofeidian imported timber quarantine treatment area has started expansion and upgrading projects.

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