Caiwa machine glitch large collection

There are some glitches of the colorful tile machine that we can solve by ourselves. The company has put together some reasons and solutions for the small fault of the tile machine based on the actual situation. We hope to help the users:

Fault 1: Causes the tile machine not to feed due to: 1. The feed solenoid valve is stuck 2. No power supply 3. Check the feed relay and seat button switch. Solenoid valve coil is broken 4. Check the throttle on the cylinder. Valve 5, computer program failure fault II: product rack up and down failure causes: 1, product solenoid valve core stuck 2, check the throttle valve on the cylinder 3, solenoid valve coil, relay button switch is broken Fault 3: color tile Machine pressure cylinder without pressure Causes: 1. The filling valve inside the cylinder, the sealing ring 2, 50 in the cylinder seal, the sequence spool stuck, the adjustment screw is too tight, 4 and 3C2 spool stuck, there is no power, Failure of the relay four: Caiwa machine does not demoulding Causes: 1. There is a problem with the sensor in front of the slide 2. There is no place on the press, the sensor on the top stop is damaged 3. The sensor on the frame is faulty 4. The 3C10 solenoid valve is stuck Power-off 5, stuck block type, uneven play 6, injection is not in place, material, mold release oil is not uniform 7, no pressure dry fault tile 5: slide does not move Causes: 1, slide sensor failure 2. No damage to the dead point and dead point sensor on the press. 3, 3C4 solenoid valve stuck , No power supply, relay 4, rocking cylinder damage 5, slide is upset, 8 pulley damage Fault 6: tile machine does not spray Reason: 1, nozzle clogged 2, no pressure 3, fuel injection solenoid valve, fuel injection Relay failure seven: The system has no pressure Causes: 1. B2B electromagnetic internal leakage 2. 2B3B solenoid valve core stuck, no power supply, internal leakage, 3, liquid flow valve damage, 4 oil pump damage failure 8: 2B3B electromagnetic failure, the mold frame automatically up and down Cause of movement: 1, 3C10 solenoid valve leaks, 2 mold compensation check valve internal leakage failure 9: Caiwa machine press moves downwards automatically (do not open the pump)
Reasons: 1,50 Cylinder internal leakage 2,3 C2 Valve internal leakage failure 10: Main frame rack cause: 1, after the slide sensor damage 2, the frame sensor on the damage 3, mold release sensor damage 4,3 C2 electromagnetic Spool stuck fault 11: The pressure is not rising Cause: 1, the pressure is too long, the time has not yet reached, the bottom dead point sensor of the press is damaged or not in place 3, the compressor top dead point sensor is broken 4, 3C2 Solenoid spool stuck or de-energized 2B2 Solenoid spool stuck or de-energized 5, Filled spool stuck or spring broken 6, Throttle damage 7, Fill valve iron pipe broken Fault 12: Colour tile pressing Tiles do not stem the reasons: 1, the proportion of cement and sand in production is not right 2, the mold outlet hole plug 3, the material is too dry failure 13: tile tile machine cabinet does not blow the reasons: 1, the mold cabinet stomatal blockage 2, blowing Electromagnetic valve damage 3, relay carrier damage contact phone

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